Monday 15 July 2024
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Covid infections continued to rise in England in last week

The percentage of people testing positive for COVID-19 continued to increase in England, and trends were uncertain in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, in the most recent week (week ending 13 July 2022 for England and Wales, week ending 14 July 2022 for Northern Ireland and Scotland).

The estimated percentage of population living in private households (those not in care homes or other communal establishments) that had COVID-19 in the latest week was:

  • 5.77% in England (1 in 17 people)
  • 6.03% in Wales (1 in 17 people)
  • 4.82% in Northern Ireland (1 in 20 people)
  • 6.48% in Scotland (1 in 15 people)

Infections continued to increase in the North West, East of England, London and the South East and the trend was uncertain in all other regions of England. Infections also continued to increase in those in school Years 7 to 11, and those aged 50 years and over; trends were uncertain in all other age groups.

COVID-19 infections continued to increase in England

Estimated percentage of the population testing positive for COVID-19 on nose and throat swabs, 18 July 2021 to 14 July 2022