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Covid: Nottinghamshire case rates higher than England average – city sees 19% increase in a week

Public Health bosses brief the media in Nottinghamshire on 1 October 2021. 

David Johns, Consultant in Public Health at Nottingham City Council said:

‘Once again we are strong to see increases in our case rates, in the seven days to the 25 September we saw 855 cases, a rate of 253 / 100,000 residents, a 19% increase on the previous seven days. This is in keeping with increases across England. Nottingham city’s rate is still lower than the England average rate of 334 /100,000.’

‘The rise across England and Nottingham is largely because of an increase in primary school children.’

‘In the 25-40 year age band we’ve seen lower uptake of vaccinations too.’

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Jonathan Gribbin, Public Health Director for Nottinghamshire county said:

‘We are seeing increased rates, the county rate is currently 447 / 100,000 versus and England rate of  334 / 100,000.’

Age groups over-60 and working age adults rates are flat, young people age 12-17 have seen a doubling of rates in that age group, around 1,000 in a week.

The rates vary across the county, with Bassetlaw 521 / 100,000 the highest local authority area.’

They both urged the public to stick to hands, face, space, get tested when necessary and to get vaccinated. They all advise face coverings in enclosed public spaces.


  • Latest figures show in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire 8,547 vaccines have been administered in the last week. In total, 1,406,510 vaccinations have now been administered with 673,857 of these being second doses. This means that 81 per cent of over 18s in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire have now received 2 doses.
  • A breakdown of the figures, alongside ONS population estimates, show vaccines have been administered to 93.5% of people aged 80+, 100% of people aged 75-79, 97.8% of people aged 70-74, 93.5% of people aged 65-69,  99.3% of people aged 60-64, 97.3% of people aged 55-59, 92.1% of people aged 50-54, 85.4% of people aged 45-49 and 90.2% of people aged 40-44, 84.9% of people aged 35-39, 81.5% of people aged 30-34, 64.9% of people aged 25-29, 68.6% of people aged 18-24 and 8.4% of people under the age of 18.
  • Second doses have been administered to 92% of people aged 80+, 100% of people aged 75-79, 96.9% of people aged 70-74, 92.3% of people aged 65-69, 97% of people aged 60-64, 94.8% of people aged 55-59, 89.5% of people aged 50-54, 81.8% of people aged 45-49 and 84.5% of people aged 40-44, 77.7% of people aged 35-39, 72.5% of people aged 30-34, 55.3% of people aged 25-29, 56.3% of people aged 18-24 and 1.9% of people under the age of 18.




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