Wednesday 21 February 2024
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Crime in Nottinghamshire falls by over 50 offences per day – outperforming national figures

Crime fell by more than 50 offences a day over the last year in Notts – with specialist policing teams to tackle burglary, robbery, knife crime and drugs helping drive big reductions.

All crime dropped by 17 per cent in the 2020 calendar year – with 18,299 fewer crimes compared to the previous year – according to national figures released today.

The drop marks a sustained period of reduction in crime and means the force is far outperforming the national average of ten per cent and the regional average of seven per cent – showing the Covid-factor is not the main reason for Nottinghamshire Police’s success.

Reacher car

The force’s own even more up-to-date statistics, covering the year to 31 March 2021, also show this fall continued – with all crime dropping by over a  fifth.

Nottinghamshire Police set up a number of specialist teams to tackle key offences in recent years – including burglary, robbery, drugs and knife crime  – and with these officers dedicated to tackling repeat offenders in local areas across these crime types that impact on people most.

Chief Constable Craig Guildford said: “We have seen some of the biggest reductions have come in areas where we have introduced specialist teams to tackle offences that the public tell us matter to them most. This is exemplified by Op Reacher.

“We continue to listen to our communities and have invested carefully in the right areas to maximise our impact upon criminals and supporting victims.

“Whilst the lockdowns imposed during the coronavirus pandemic have undoubtedly had some impact on today’s figures, we have seen this reduction continue over a sustained period before then, and the fact we are outperforming the national average demonstrates that we are doing things differently and getting results for our public.

“All of the officers and staff at Nottinghamshire Police work tirelessly to make the county a safe place to live, work in and visit and the support of the community is vital to this continued success.”

Over five fewer homes a day were burgled in Nottinghamshire in the year to 31 December 2020, compared to the previous year, according to the figures from the Office for National Statistics. This is a drop of 1,978 burglaries (down 25 per cent).

The force has two dedicated burglary teams operating across the city and county who are supported in tackling burglary by response and neighbourhood officers, as well as a burglary enforcement Special Constable team.

The number of robbery victims also fell by almost one a day – with offences falling by 29 per cent (down by 354).

This shows the two robbery teams who focus on some of the most serious, often weapon-related, offending is having an impact.

Knife crime also fell by ten per cent as the force’s knife crime team continues to have an impact – with further sustained reductions following the introduction of a second team earlier this year. The force’s performance on knife crime continues to exceed the national and regional average reductions of nine per cent and six per cent respectively.

The force also has a public protection department with teams of officers who specialise in investigating sexual offences and domestic crimes. Sexual offences fell by 19 per cent.

Other key reductions in today’s statistics include a 27 per cent reduction in theft, a 23 per cent drop in vehicle crime and a seven per cent fall in violence against the person.