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Crime levels on your street: Map of all Nottinghamshire recorded crime in June 2019: Type, location and outcome


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Over 8,500 crimes were recorded in the Nottinghamshire Police area in June 2019, the most recent available data. See map, zoom to street level and view type of offence, approximate location and investigation outcome where available.

This map can be zoomed down to street level using ( + / – keys ) to find out approximately where each of the offences took place.

Where an ‘outcome’ has been reported, it is included. ‘Outcomes’ may be ‘no suspect identified’ or just blank – based on police reporting information.

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Note: Locations are anonymised by police – see below.

The location of each crime is compared against a master list of “snap points” to find the nearest street name.

● The coordinates of the crime are then replaced with the coordinates of the snap point.

● If the nearest snap point is over 20 km away, coordinates of zero are assigned so that the crime is not shown on the subsequent map.

The master list of “snap points” – which is not publicly available – contains over 750,000 points, generated so that they appear over the centre point of a street, or above a public place such as a commercial premise or public land.

To move map select the arrowed cross icon – move the map and pinch to zoom down to street level.

Or select the dotted square to draw a shape around an area.

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On mobiles – if you have selected a map marker circle for a crime type – tap ‘clear selection’ to return to all markers

Desktop – just hover over a pin

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