Crime Prevention

Protecting Your Bike

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Nottinghamshire Police are taking action to reduce vehicle crime even more, and you can help:

Don’t leave items on display, remove valuables and wipe away sat nav marks

  • Always lock your vehicle, and don’t forget the boot and windows
  • When you’re out and about, always try and park in a secure attended car park, or use one that’s been awarded the Park Mark® status by the British Car Park Association. Find out more at
  • When parking at home, use your garage if you have one and lock garden gates. If you park on the street, try to leave your car in a well-lit area or near a CCTV camera
  • Fit an immobiliser or an alarm, and use a steering lock to deter criminals. Get more information about these devices by calling the Vehicle Security National Helpline on 0870 5502006 or the Sold Secure Helpline on 01327 264687
  • Consider buying anti-theft screws for your number plate and attach lockable wheel nuts to help prevent wheels from being stolen
  • Have your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) etched on windows, windscreens and headlamps
  • Keep serial numbers for electrical items such as CD changers or sat navs, and mark them with your vehicle registration number. This will help the police return items to you if they’re stolen and later recovered.

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Protecting Your Home

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If you would like further advice, call Nottinghamshire Police on 0300 300 99 99 or visit If a crime is in progress, dial 999. You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

If you see anything suspicious please report it on the above telephone numbers.

Cycles are still being left insecure in gardens.

Cycle Security – Theft of cycles is a widespread problem. So often, they are left unattended outside shops and homes. A new security product has come to light .

SPYLAMP Spylamp is a covert tracking device that is hidden inside a bicycle rear light. The rear light appears and functions as normal to avoid suspicion but inside it houses a complete GPS tracking device. Hold the on/off button down for 3 seconds and your tracker’s vibration sensor will activate. Any subsequent movement of your bicycle will mean you get an instant SMS message and the tracking function will activate, so you can see where your bicycle is.

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