Dashcam footage shows moments before fatal collision

Jessica Wallace, from Newark, died when her Ford Focus collided head on with a lorry on the A46 Fosse Road near Farndon on Friday 22 May 2015.


Just seconds before, 59-year-old William Tomlinson, of The Banks, Kilsby, had overtaken another vehicle, causing Jessica to swerve and lose control of her car and collide with a HGV on the opposite side. Dashcam footage from another lorry on the road shows the moments that led to the collision, including Tomlinson’s careless overtaking.

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Speaking about her daughter, Jessica’s mother Patricia Taylor said; “Jessica was determined, passionate, creative, intelligent, wickedly funny, insightful, empathic and loving. She wanted to understand people and the workings of their minds and use this knowledge to help them. Her work in prisoner rehabilitation, many of whom had been damaged by life, was fueled by the desire to prevent further victims.

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She knew the value of a happy, loving home and the good it could do, having experienced her own pain and loss of family members. She thrived on knowing and understanding people, knew when others were in emotional pain and helped them.”