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‘Dear Friends’ project – 60 letters received and more wanted!


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Following the launch of the ‘Dear Friend’ initiative where the public were asked to write to patients at Gamston Lints Bar Hospital – more than 60 letters were received – and they still want more!

One of the staff at Lings Bar told The Wire: 
‘Just read a card to a patient. There are no words to describe his face and the reaction it got. Makes such a difference’. 

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Lings Bar Hospital (at Gamston) would love to receive letters and postcards which they can share with the patients to help cheer them up and provide some much-needed contact with the outside world. Want to join in? Here are some guidelines for you to follow:

• Address the letter to ‘Dear Friend’
• Share general information about yourself – job, hobbies, garden, seasonal anecdotes (the daffodils blooming in your garden, visiting birds etc)
• Do offer some reminiscence opportunities – your favourite places, childhood memories, favourite food etc
• Postcards are nice with pictures of gardens, animals and pets, artworks, coastal views etc – all help to stimulate conversations and memories
• Ask questions to encourage the patient to think about their own lives – for example, ‘I always enjoy a Sunday roast. What’s your favourite meal?’
• Encourage the recipient to follow government guidance on keeping themselves safe
• Sign your letter with your first name only

• Add any details that will identify you specifically – address, date of birth, age etc
• Be political or share conspiracy theories

Please remember to put a stamp on your card or letter and send them to:
Age UK Notts
Castle Ward
Lings Bar Hospital

Staff at the hospital will follow relevant guidance when distributing the letters.
Thanks for providing some much-needed cheer and celebrating the traditional art of letter writing!

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