Monday 25 October 2021
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Delayed Notts Pride 2021 event to be a march in the city on September 11

Here are the final plans announced by organisers for Notts Pride 2021.

Organisers of Notts Pride announce the details of a ‘stripped down’ celebration day on 11 September – the original event was delayed because of Covid concerns.

Organisers said:

‘Because of government guidance and time, it has been stripped back significantly and will consist of a protest march.

This will still take place on Saturday 11th September.

What you need to know and do:

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• Mustering from 10.00am
• The march will set off at 11.00am
• People should gather from the top of Albert Street (near St Peter’s church) all the way down to Broadmarsh
• The march will pass through the city and will disperse at the end of Broad Street in Hockley
• Mask wearing is strongly recommended
• Doing a lateral flow test before you attend is encouraged
• Keeping your distance from people will help keep everybody safe
• Stay away if you feel unwell

‘The march has always been the soul and centre of Notts Pride. It anchors us all to the core purposes of the Pride movement.

‘If you feel able to join the march, turn up as your proudest self – unfiltered and fabulous, whatever that means for you.


‘March as friends, family, colleagues, teams, organisations – whatever you like.

‘We know that people already had plans and there’s no reason why they can’t continue.

‘We will be in touch with the venues in Hockley, Prides’s home for the last 7 years, to see what ambitions and ideas they have for the day; no doubt they will do as fabulous a job as they normally do.

‘Although the reasons for a stripped back event are self-evident, for those interested, here follows an explanation.

‘Following the government guidelines would have meant totally changing the nature of the event.

‘Although there was a point where we thought it would be possible to do, it soon unravelled. Tickets, barriers, extra security and limits on numbers are not what Notts Pride is about.

‘There has also been some concern expressed about the date as it is also marks the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in New York.’

It is a legitimate concern.

‘In our discussions about the date, we concluded that there probably isn’t a greater way to mark the memory of those people that died than with the largest demonstration of love in Nottinghamshire.

‘Perhaps 9/11 reminds us all that we never know what’s waiting for us from one day to the next, and that we need to be as present as we can be.

‘It was a hateful act and we will make sure those who died are remembered with respect and love. Love wins.

‘Taking part as safely as possible will be key to the success of the march. Notts Pride will do everything it can to make that possible as should the individuals attending.
More posts and info will follow in the coming days, including how to volunteer.’