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Thursday, 6 May 2021

Demolition of period building for two apartment blocks in Lady Bay a step closer

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A house on Trent Boulevard and its ancillary buildings could be demolished to make way for two new-build apartment blocks. It will be decided at a meeting this week. 

The development at 134a Trent Boulevard in Lady Bay, West Bridgford has been ‘recommended’ by Rushcliffe Borough Council.

The next step is a councillors vote at the Development Control Committee meeting on Thursday 16th August.

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Stagfield, the developers behind the recent canal-side apartment block proposals in Lady Bay, submitted the application in April, 2018 to demolish the house and buildings and to build two new apartment blocks on Trent Boulevard.

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The large Victorian property is next-but-one to the recently built Scout Hut at the former of Mona Road in Lady Bay.

The application, validated on 6th April, states:

‘Demolish existing house and ancillary buildings, erect 2xapartment blocks comprising 9×2 bed apartments, 1×1 bed apartment, plus 9 allocated parking spaces.’

The build would be for nine 2-bedroom homes and one 1-bedroom home.

There are nine comments opposing the plans on the application, predominantly based on lack of parking and being out of character with the period properties in the area.

‘Proposed flats not in keeping with general style of period properties. Whilst there are other buildings not of period nature, cannot see why it would be acceptable to demolish an in keeping property to build something not in keeping. Parking is also a huge concern – for 2 bedroom flats where people have multiple cars (even for single bedroom flats!) the parking proposed is simply going to be inadequate. Far better to keep the in-keeping property, build on the space at the back but keep far more proportionate parking to living space given the extremely congested parking situation.’

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‘This proposal is contrary to policy GP2 of The Rushcliffe Borough Non -Statutory Replacement Local Plan.

The existing house should be retained for its historic value and be restored and renovated. To demolish it would be detrimental to the character and appearance of neighbouring buildings and the surrounding area.

The design is over intensive for such a site and not sympathetic to the immediate area. The development would be overbearing and lead to a loss of privacy and amenity for neighbours on Mona Road.

The parking provided is insufficient for the number of apartments and would lead to hazardous parking along Trent Boulevard which is often hazardous to negotiate.’

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My comments for the original objection still stand.

This is development is out of keeping with the predominantly period buildings of the immediate area . Its’ design jars with the brick and tile construction of buildings of the area, is modernist in the extreme in an area of traditional building and the construction materials, as has been shown elsewhere, do not age gracefully.

If this is the best design effort the developer can come up with then they should consider taking up an alternative profession. It takes no cognisance of the surroundings, witness the mockup drawing, showing blank brown rectangles where 1900 style houses stand. The design shrieks loudly, in an area of gracefull old buildings, and will be hugely detrimental to the character of Lady Bay.

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The development density is aimed at maximising profit not minimising impact. Parking facilities for 10 apartments are insufficient and will create additional problems for the area where parking is already at a premium.

The existing red brick building should be left standing and restored, development of the rear yard should be scaled back and made to blend in with the surrounding buildings by using traditional materials.

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