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Demonstration urging Nottingham to cut ties with Ningbo held in city centre

Five months after the submission of the de-twin petition to Nottingham City Council (June 12, 2022) by activist group Nottingham Stands with Hong Kong(NSWHK), NSWHK sees the need to urge the council to review and discuss the issue in upcoming council meetings.

A petition booth set in front of the city council hall, as part of the national joint action campaign, continues to urge Nottingham to end sister city diplomacy with the Chinese city Ningbo. A total of 2500 signatures has been collected since launching the campaign, confirming the support from local Nottingham residents.
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Councillor Adele Williams, Councillor Nick Raine and Councillor Shuguftah Quddoos attended the event to show their awareness and support towards this issue.
NSWHK said:
‘In spite of China’s brutality towards the civilians of Uyghurs and international interference. Nottingham has got a very close but appalling tie with it since the early 2000s.
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‘Particularly disturbing to us is that it was the Ningbo government which detained two of the ‘disappeared’ employees of Causeway Bay Bookshop, which was alleged in selling “banned books”  in Hong Kong back in 2015.
‘It was believed that the employees had been kidnapped from Hong Kong, Thailand and China by Chinese spies because of the forbidden titles.
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‘The detainee Gui MinHai was sentenced for 10 years imprisonment for “illegally providing intelligence overseas” in 2020. It was a clear violation of human rights and the Sino-British agreement.’
On 2nd November 2022, Newcastle city council unanimously agreed on cutting ties with TaiYuan, China due to their abuse to the Uyghurs. Successful campaigns in Newcastle, proves that by ending diplomatic relations with Chinese cities, it is possible to stop Chinese Communist Party’s influence.
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