Desserts company to open 200 more UK stores

Dessert specialist, Heavenly Desserts, which offers diners an array of sweet treats, has launched a franchise concept for its stores and anticipates continued growth throughout the UK.

The business, which was founded in 2008, has stores in Nottingham, Birmingham, Leicester, Preston, and Intu Derby, and uses the finest ingredients to create edible works of art.

The stores are unlike any other concept in the UK, focusing on quality of food, shop design and customer service.

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Fiona Boswell, head of franchising and commercial services at Nottingham based Fraser Brown Solicitors has supported Heavenly Desserts on its UK franchise expansion providing advice on all the legal documentation required to launch a franchise, whilst working alongside its franchise director Paul Davies, who advises the brand on franchise issues.

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Paul Davies, franchise director of Heavenly Desserts, said: “We’re overwhelmed with the reception the launch of our franchise stores has received and anticipate another five stores will be coming on board in 2017, followed by strong but steady growth throughout the UK.

“We offer all of our franchisees financial support, training and recruitment, store development, operational and marketing support and future planning advice so each store reaches its full potential.”

Yousif Aslam and Mohammed Imran are the directors of Heavenly Desserts and have been involved in the company since 2012.

Yousif Aslam, said: “Heavenly Desserts is a well proven brand and concept, and we have worked hard over a number of years perfecting it. Our stores appeal to a wide range of customers, from families and couples to parties, our demographic breakdown is wide and varied.”

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Highlights of the Heavenly Desserts menu include cookie dough smothered in Belgian milk chocolate to the smoothest Madagascan vanilla gelato.

Fiona Boswell from Fraser Brown Solicitors, said: “There is a great demand from the public for the Heavenly Desserts concept.

“I’m looking forward to being part of the team assisting the company in the future as more stores begin to open, I expect them to continue to be extremely well received across the UK.”