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Drug dealer caught with nunchucks and a pistol in Radford Nottingham

A drug dealer was caught in possession of nunchucks and an imitation gun after he was chased down by members of Nottinghamshire Police’s city knife crime team.

Officers were on patrol in the Radford area of Nottingham when their suspicions were aroused after spotting 43-year-old Long Duong riding an e-scooter and suspecting he was involved in the supply of drugs.

They activated their blue lights, but Duong failed to stop and rode off, he didn’t get far before he was stopped and detained in Palin Street and then searched.

Police found a Glock pistol-style gas-powered BB gun and a set of nunchucks inside his shoulder bag. Checks revealed the gun was primed with pellets ready to fire.

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Duong was also found in possession of 87 wraps of heroin, 17 wraps of crack cocaine, and two burner phones before he was arrested on 22 September 2021.

A further search of the shoulder bag uncovered pieces of paper which appeared to be dealer calling cards.

A set of keys seized from Duong led to officers searching his home address in Derwent Court, Radford, where they located quantities of suspected heroin and thousands of pounds in cash.

Analysis of phones seized from Duong and texts recovered from the devices indicated he was involved in the supply of heroin and cocaine.

Duong went on to plead guilty to supplying heroin and crack cocaine in Radford, between 1 July 2021 and 23 September 2021, and possession of an imitation firearm and offensive weapon in a public place, on 22 September 2021.

Giving evidence at Nottingham Crown Court, Duong claimed he had been carrying the BB gun to do paper target practice in the park, when no members of the public would be around, and denied the suggestion he was carrying it for his personal protection.

He also claimed to practice the martial art of Jeet Kune Do, normally in the morning, and said he didn’t appreciate the nunchucks were in his bag until police had spotted him.

However having considered the evidence, Judge Nirmal Shant KC concluded Duong’s explanation ‘flew in the face of common sense’ and deemed that he had been carrying the weapons ‘for the purpose of defending himself or his drugs.’

Duong, formerly of Derwent Court, Radford, was sentenced to a total of three years and nine months in prison.

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Police Constable Adam Scotney, of the city knife crime team, said:

“As a force, we’re committed to doing everything in our power to crackdown on those involved in the supply of illegal drugs and weapon-related crime.

“Guns and other dangerous weapons have no place on our streets, and we will always take action to keep people safe and protect them from the harm caused by those who commit such offences.”

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