Wednesday 21 February 2024
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Drug dealer suspect drops bank notes as he flees in police chase

A suspected drug dealer fled from police leaving behind a trail of bank notes after a routine car stop in Top Valley.

Two officers were on patrol in the early hours of Tuesday 2 May when they were drawn to a grey Volkswagen Beetle at the Ridgeway which was driving over the 20mph speed limit.

As the vehicle came to a stop at Petersfield Close, a man quickly fled the car and ran down a footpath.

As one of the officer’s pursued the man, bank notes began to fall from his pockets.

He was caught in a rear garden and was searched where a bundle of white and brown wraps were found in his pocket, believed to be heroin and crack cocaine.

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Officers also found some cannabis discarded in the garden and found a quantity of bank notes in his coat.

A set of scales were also found in the vehicle.

A 37-year-old man and 16-year-old boy were arrested for drug offences. The 37-year-old man also tested positive for cocaine and was arrested for drug driving.

Neighbourhood Inspector Paul Ferguson said: “This was a great result by two officers on a routine patrol in Top Valley. Heroin and crack cocaine can ruin lives and we will constantly pursue those who deal or bring these drugs into our city and county.”

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