Monday 2 October 2023
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Drug user jailed for ‘brutal ‘murder of young mum found with 199 injuries

A drug user who murdered a young woman by repeatedly stabbing her with screwdrivers has been jailed.

Police found the body of 27-year-old Mckyla Taylor in the bedroom of a flat in Lowtown Street, Worksop, in the early hours of 16 August 2022.

The young mum had suffered 199 separate injuries to her head and body.

Sixty-eight-year-old David Jackson arrived at the scene a few hours later asking if he could get a jumper from his flat. He casually mentioned to an officer that had killed someone upstairs.

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Jackson remained silent throughout police interviews but was charged with murder two days later after detectives worked quickly to build a case against him.

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At Nottingham Crown Court today (1 June) Jackson was jailed for life – of which a minimum of 17 years will be spent behind bars.

Judge James Sampson said that meant Jackson would not be eligible for parole for another 16 years and 135 days, taking into account the 230 days he has already served in custody.

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Mckyla Taylor with mum Emma Sentence

Mckyla and Jackson had been known to each other for some time and had met up during the day on 15 August.

Concerns were raised by Mckyla’s friends and family when she did not respond to calls and messages.

Police were alerted and attended Jackson’s Lowtown Street address at around 2 am the following morning.

When officers forced entry to the flat, they found Mckyla’s body lying under a duvet on the floor. Weights and push bikes had been placed on the top of the duvet.

Mckyla was pronounced dead at around 2.30 am by paramedics and a post-mortem investigation later revealed the extent of the injuries she had suffered.

Screenshot 2023 06 01 at 13.14.05
Mckyla Taylor with brother Callum and sister Nicole

Forensic evidence showed most of the injuries had been inflicted inside the bedroom by two screwdrivers discovered in the living room.

Detective Chief Inspector Clare Dean, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “Mckyla was a young woman who was loved and adored by her family and many friends.

“Her life was taken away from her in the most brutal fashion by David Jackson, who has shown very little remorse and would not give any account in an interview.

“Detectives carried out a meticulous investigation, with many officers working around the clock to gather the evidence against him. He continued to deny murdering Mckyla until shortly before a trial was about to begin – inflicting further pain and anxiety on her loved ones.

Screenshot 2023 06 01 at 13.15.56
Mckyla Taylor – a card to dad and teddy she made as child

“The attack Jackson inflicted on Mckyla was relentless, causing catastrophic injuries which ultimately led to her death.

“He has taken away a loving and caring mum, daughter, sister, and friend.

“Today’s sentence will not bring Mckyla back, but it does mean that Jackson will spend a considerable part of his life behind bars, and I hope this gives her family some comfort.”

Mckyla’s mum, Emma Sentence, 45, paid tribute to her daughter after Jackson was sentenced.

She said: “Mckyla wasn’t just my daughter she was my best friend. She was always there for me and stood by me.

“Mckyla had a smile that would light up the room and a contagious laugh. She was just a fun-loving girl.

“I still remember the weekend she was killed as if it was yesterday. We had a lovely weekend sunbathing, listening to music and doing our nails and then she left and that was the last time I saw her.”

Mckyla’s brother, Callum Taylor, 26, will now be looking after her one-year-old daughter – in the same house that Mckyla grew up in.

“It is like a part of Mckyla is coming home,” Callum said. “Mckyla had always wanted to be a mum and was so thrilled when she found out she was pregnant. I just want to do my best to bring up her daughter and give her a normal, loving life.

“Mckyla was a lovely and loving person. She always put other people first. If she was in a house fire Mckyla was the sort of person who would be the last out.

“We were really close growing up and went to the same primary school. I can remember the camping holidays we went on as a family which were so much fun.

“No sentence will ever be enough for what happened to Mckyla. I will never forget waking up that day and hearing she had been killed. I cannot understand why anyone would want to hurt someone that kind.


“I don’t really feel like I have been through the grieving process yet. I’ve just wanted to stay strong for others.”

Mckyla’s older sister, Nicole, 29, described her as the ‘life and soul of the party’.

“She was born on my first birthday and Mckyla, me and Callum were really close growing up.

“She was always bubbly, always singing, always dancing.

“I remember going to our grandparents’ house and we would sing and dance, stand on tables and have fun. They were the best times.”

Judge Sampson thanked Nottinghamshire Police for the investigation which had been carried out and Mckyla’s family for their dignity throughout the court proceedings.


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