Drugs gang who brought heroin into Nottinghamshire all jailed

Nottingham Crown Court © westbridgfordwire.com
Nottingham Crown Court © westbridgfordwire.com

A 35-year-old West Yorkshire man is set to join his criminal associates in jail for the part he played in a cross-border heroin conspiracy.

Shazad Ahmed (pictured), of Halifax, was part of a group bringing heroin from West Yorkshire into Nottinghamshire, but failed to appear at court for sentencing alongside five others in November.

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His brother Haroon and their uncle Zahid Khan, were the West Yorkshire arm, with Dean Haynes and Mohammed Waheed based in Nottingham.

In April last year, courier Perry Odea was arrested in Leicester after picking up 130g heroin worth £6,475 and £1,400 worth of crack cocaine from Haynes in Nottingham.

Khan and Waheed were picked up in May when the former delivered heroin to the latter in a taxi from Bradford to Sneinton. A kilo worth £10,000 was recovered, along with £15,000.

Haynes fled during enforcement, but a bag featuring his fingerprints was recovered. He was arrested the next month and £11,500 found at his address. The Ahmed brothers’ arrest came next.

Five of the six were jailed on Friday 2 November, having admitted involvement in Class A conspiracies.

Shazad’s sentencing was deferred until he was arrested in Halifax at the end of November. He appeared at Nottingham Crown Court on Friday (11 January) and was sentenced to eight years and eight months for conspiracy to supply heroin. The others were sentenced as follows:

         Haroon, aged 32, from Halifax: eight-and-a-half years.

         Haynes, aged 30, from St Ann’s: seven-and-a-half years.

         Khan, aged 51 and from Halifax: seven years.

         Waheed, aged 29, from Sneinton: five years, nine months.

         Odea, aged 31, of no fixed address: 22 months

DCI Karen Pearson said: “This was the final piece to the puzzle and because he tried to evade being sentenced Shazad will now join his co-conspirators in jail for the longest term out of the group.

“This is a great example of police from various forces working together to bring justice for the public.”