Thursday 1 June 2023
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Dunelm launches textile recycling scheme in Nottingham

Customers can bring any clean, unwanted textiles to dedicated recycling areas in store.

Homewares retailer Dunelm has announced its textile recycling scheme will be launched this week in its Nottingham store, one of the first of ten locations in the UK.

The new scheme, which launches on 19th October, has been developed in partnership with leading recycling company First Mile, and will see items such as cushion covers, blankets, duvet covers, and towels recycled here in the UK, enabling customers in Nottingham to put old and unwanted fabrics to good use.

Dunelm launches textile recycling scheme in Nottingham

First Mile, who has been committed to revolutionising waste and recycling for businesses since 2004, will collect unwanted fabrics from the Nottingham store, where they will begin their journey to become recycled products, from car seat filler, to oil rags, or even boxing bag fillers.

The announcement is part of Dunelm’s commitment to becoming more sustainable as a business. The brand is encouraging customers to join it in taking these first steps to do their bit for the environment. By making recycling easier for its customers, its aim is to help prolong the lifecycle of fabrics, encouraging a more circular approach to purchasing, and make recycling a more common part of how consumers use and view products.

Customers can bring any clean, unwanted textiles to dedicated recycling areas in store, where store colleagues will be on hand to help. First Mile will collect the waste fabrics, which will be responsibly recycled at carefully sourced facilities in the UK.

Anything that cannot be recycled, will be used to produce renewable energy for the National Grid, prolonging its life by keeping the country moving.

Shriya Pancholi, Sustainability Lead at Dunelm, said: “We’ve launched our textile recycling scheme in partnership with First Mile because we want to help do our bit for the environment and give products a second life. We’re very excited to launch this in Nottingham and get the community helping to make textiles a more sustainable industry for us to all enjoy in the future.

“We’re really pleased to be working with such a great company like First Mile, a business which focuses on a ‘zero to landfill’ way of doing things. We want to get better at caring for the environment and helping to make recycling easier for our customers, as well as make it a normal part of our products’ lifecycles.

“We really hope our customers join us in taking a step in this direction.”