Monday 15 July 2024
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E-scooter operator WIND responds to NFBUK report on the condition of Nottingham’s trial vehicles

'The Wind e-scooter also uses a software analysis system that continuously scans the vehicle for any faults and malfunctions.'

Escooter operator Wind, the company behind the trial in Nottingham reopens to the recent article where NFBUK ( National Federation of the Blind UK ) presented photographs of scooters they said were in a poor condition.

A spokesperson said:

‘Wind is taking the concerns presented by NFBUK seriously. However, we strongly contradict the organisation’s assessment that Wind e-scooters are not safe to use. ‘

‘Wind currently has more than 700 e-scooters on the streets in Nottingham and conducts regular maintenance of the entire fleet.

‘All vehicles that are currently on the road in Nottingham are safe to use.

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‘We encourage users and others to report any observed damages directly to us so that we can collect the scooters and conduct the appropriate maintenance.

‘Upon every battery swap or fleet re-distribution and every time our local staff comes in contact with one of our scooters (every 2-3 days), Wind’s vehicles are checked and each scooter undergoes a thorough maintenance inspection every few weeks.

UK e-scooter trials

‘Scooters with any damages will be collected by our teams immediately.

‘The Wind e-scooter also uses a software analysis system that continuously scans the vehicle for any faults and malfunctions.

‘Should the software detect any fault, it will disable the scooter automatically and it will no longer be available for use.

‘Our maintenance team will then collect the scooter and perform the necessary repairs.

‘We also replace number plates, reflectors and any other missing parts of the scooter when missing.

‘Tyres are also checked and repaired/replaced if necessary and Wind uses foam-filled tyres that cannot burst.

‘Helmets are also replaced when damaged.

‘Regarding dangerous riding and incorrect parking observed by NFBUK, we wish to refer to a recent field study conducted by Nottinghamshire Police, which found that 70% of e-scooter riders comply with the rules.

‘In order to further improve this number, Wind educates users through social media and the Wind app, as well as in-person safety events (i.e. at tomorrow’s Green Festival).

‘Wind also employs full-time patrollers who roam the streets every day to educate users on correct riding and parking and to correctly park scooters.

‘Should dangerous riding or incorrect parking be reported to us, we will warn (upon first violation), suspend (upon second violation) and ban users from using our service upon the third violation.

‘We are also currently testing a £7.50 fine that will apply should users leave their scooters outside the dedicated parking spots.’


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