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Early city Turquoise bus service to be withdrawn on 28th January


7Nottingham City Transport will withdraw the Turquoise 80 at the end of the month.

Changes to Turquoise Line 79 and 80 from 28th January

Turquoise 79
An additional early morning bus will be introduced for Monday to Saturdays at 05:05 from Bulwell Bus Station to City (arriving 05:30).

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At Rise Park Bus Terminus, the stops for these services will swap to provide easier access to the stops for our drivers, which will allow them to pull up closer to the kerbs for customers.

Buses to Arnold will use the first stop and buses to Bulwell will use the second stop.

Turquoise 80
When NET Trams became operational in 2004, the first trams didn’t arrive into the city centre until around 6am.

NCT continued to provide early morning journeys for passengers travelling between the Hyson Green area and the City Centre. With the first trams now starting earlier, this early morning only bus service from Hyson Green is no longer needed and this is reflected in the small number of people now using service 80.

As a result of this declining usage, Turquoise 80 is withdrawn.

The bus currently allocated to the first journey will be transferred on to Turquoise 79, offering a partial replacement for customers from the Bulwell area to Alfreton Road, as well as providing an earlier bus in to the city for customers from Bells Lane, Broxtowe and along Nuthall Road.


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