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East Leake Parish Council ‘furious’ at plans to close registry office


East Leake Parish Council has expressed disgust at Nottinghamshire County Council’s decision to discontinue East Leake’s visiting Registrar service.
The current service on Thursday morning allows East Leake residents and those in surrounding village to register births and deaths, and give notice of a marriage or civil partnership.

The County Council has decided to close the service to save money. This means that residents have to travel to the nearest office at West Bridgford – and there is no easy way to do this by public transport.

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Nottinghamshire County Council announced that five part-time offices for registering births and deaths would close due to low usage, as agreed by its Communities and Place Committee on Thursday 4 October.

The Council currently operates 16 register offices across the county, which is significantly more than all four neighbouring county authorities, including Leicestershire County Council which operates seven offices.

The Clerk to the Parish Council stated “The Parish Councillors are furious about this. It has been done without public consultation. The visiting registration service is very low cost, as the Registrar uses the Parish Council office.

“We have even offered to contribute financially to keep the service here, but the County Council is intent on their so called “rationalisation” and “efficiencies”.

“It will save a paltry sum of money but cause significant hardship particularly to older residents and those with new babies. East Leake is expanding at an alarming rate, yet our services are being cut.”

Residents commented:
“I wouldn’t have made it anywhere else after the birth of my daughter. We are quite cut off.”

“So let me get this right – more housing but less facilities. The Council have gone truly mad! And were residents consulted?”

“Well done to whoever decided to even consider this… How many houses have been built in this village in the last 5 years? Don’t tell me the numbers aren’t there for this facility.. It’s bought & paid for by all the council tax that’s raised…..”

“We’re already the southernmost point of the county and being taken advantage of because no one objects to what the Council is doing.”

“They’re quite happy to take our council tax but don’t want to provide the services!!”

“A council should represent all of its communities no matter how far from the hub.”

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