Tuesday 23 July 2024
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East Midlands Devolution: £900,000 to be spent on election booklet


The devolution deal with the government promises to channel £38 million of funding per year to benefit the East Midlands region.

The booklet is a key component in the democratic process of electing the Combined County Authority Mayor, say the papers.

As part of the devolution deal with government to establish a Combined County Authority to
secure £38 million of funding per year, which would benefit the lives of citizens living in the East Midlands region, an election for a Combined County Authority Mayor will need to be held.

Nottingham City Council is expected to be selected as lead authority with Melbourne Barrett
appointed as Combined County Authority Returning Officer (CCARO) to oversee the delivery of a Combined County Authority Mayoral Election, which will take place on 2 May 2024, subject to the passing of legislation.

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The CCARO will be required to print and post a mayoral election booklet to every elector in the combined authority area, 1.6m individuals in total.

The election, scheduled for May 2, 2024, hinges on the passing of necessary legislation.

The total value of printing the booklet is up to £900,000 comprising £173,000 for printing and £708,000 for postage, based on current rates. The costs are to be fully recovered from the East Midlands Combined Authority once it is formally established.

The documents add that the procurement process cannot be delayed until after the establishment of the East Midlands Combined Authority due to the tight timelines involved in approving the deal and delivering the election. Any delay could jeopardise the legal requirement of providing the booklet to every elector, which includes 1.6 million individuals.

The booklet will contain information about the election and an address from each candidate. Nottingham City Council, expected to be the lead authority, will utilise its existing contract with Print Image Network Ltd for printing. For postage, a separate competitive tender process will be initiated to ensure the booklets reach electors promptly, especially postal voters.

The Council’s Executive Committee will meet on November 14, 2023, to discuss the procurement of the booklet.

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