East Midlands Ambulance Handover Times Treble in Two Years

EMAS Merger Talks Could Create 'World's Largest Ambulance Service'

Ambulance handover times of over one hour have trebled over the past two years in the East Midlands, A Labour Party FOI request has revealed. 


The data suggests that East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) is the worst performing trust of its kind in England based on this measure.

EMAS Merger Talks Could Create 'World's Largest Ambulance Service'
Ambulances at QMC
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The Labour Party FOI request revealed that the number of patients who waited for more than an hour to be admitted to hospital increased from 6,000 to approximately 19,000.
EMAS commented that it is ‘working closely with hospitals to reduce the delays.’
A Department of Health spokesperson told the BBC: “We expect patient handovers from ambulance to A&E to happen within 30 minutes.
“Accident and emergency departments are busy, but with nine out of ten people seen within four hours, hospitals are performing well.”

The Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group said high demand was putting pressure on the system but staff did their best to make any wait “as comfortable as possible”.
Nationally, the figures showed hour-plus waits rose from 28,000 in 2013-14 to 76,000 in 2015-16.
Shadow health secretary, Jon Ashworth, said the jump showed the NHS was facing a serious crisis,
“Accident and emergency departments are under huge pressures and social care budgets have been cut deeply and all these things have come together as a perfect storm.
“Not enough investment by government to support the NHS is really coming home to roost.”