Sunday 28 May 2023
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East Midlands Railways ‘Do not travel’ warning for strike days this week

If you are planning to travel during this week it is important to check your journey as services will be significantly reduced and timetables will vary from day to day.

This is because strike action will be taken by different groups of staff on different days.

The strike days are summarised as follows. More detailed line of route information is provided further down.

  • Wednesday 5 October – Do not travel – No EMR services will be provided on any part of the network.
  • Thursday 6 and Friday 7 October – Significantly reduced service. Only travel by rail if absolutely necessary.
  • Saturday 8 October – Significantly reduced service. Services operate between 0730 and 1830 only. Only travel by rail if absolutely necessary. Trains will all terminate by 1830 and no further services will run. Please ensure you check the time of your last return train before you travel.

On strike days, only travel by rail if absolutely necessary and if you do travel, expect severe disruption. We advise you to plan ahead – especially the first and last trains of the day. Remember to check your entire journey as other train operators may be affected.

No services will run east out of Nottingham from Wednesday up to and including Saturday.

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