Tuesday 26 October 2021
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Edwalton Primary School’s Shakespeare play was a magical experience!

Edwalton Primary School children performed Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’            for their families and wowed the audience with their professional production.

The school even got a mention from Matt Lucas on social media who said it was a ‘knockout’ performance; high praise indeed from the star who had previously played ‘Bottom’ in the BBC production of the play.

Year 5 Teachers, Mrs Sarah Fowler and Mr Danny Thompson organised the show and Danny said, “It was amazingly well received by parents with many commenting on the fantastic opportunity it gave the children to experience performing outside.

“They loved the fact we were doing something different and that the children were so immersed in the play. Many said it is the best school production they have ever seen. We even had a communication from a neighbour of the school who said they had lived here for 23 years and that the singing they heard from the children was ‘really wonderful’, that was great feedback, and not even from an audience member!”

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The production was made extra special because of the setting; the play was performed in front of the school’s own woodland with the audience seated on the field on picnic blankets, which added a great ambience to the show.

Mia Powell (age 10 years) played a fairy called Peaseblossom and said, “We did a lot of rehearsals, but I was still nervous about going on stage. It is the first time I have performed Shakespeare and I have really enjoyed it. For the costumes, our teachers provided them, and then we have added bits to them to make them even better. I think that because the play is set in the woods, we have been able to perform it in just the right setting!


“It has been great fun! Being on stage is a bit nerve-wracking but our teachers have been really good helping us and we have gone through everything step by step.”

Pupil Ella Hawkes (age 10 years) said, “I play Hippolyta and was a bit nervous before, but I knew my lines. My mum and dad came to see it and it was a great set for our play because we have our own woods at school. By far the scariest thing is if you forget your lines or mess up!”

Mrs Sarah Fowler said she thought the children had done an amazing job. “We were inspired to do the play by our woods and adapted it for children using the BBC Production with Matt Lucas as a starting point to help them to get to know the story. We then worked the play so that pupils could understand and get the most out of the challenging language and plots and we made it our own. The children have worked so hard, but I must say every year I’m the one getting nervous before our performance!”

Danny Thompson said the whole experience had been magical, “This has been one of my favourite experiences as a teacher, the joy on their faces was worth all of the effort.”