Sunday 25 February 2024
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Eight beer kegs dumped in a residential street

An investigation has been launched by Ashfield District Council after eight beer kegs were fly-tipped on a residential street in Sutton-in-Ashfield.

The barrels were dumped on Walton Street close to Outram Street.

These were reported to a local councillor for Central and New Cross and now Ashfield District Council’s community safety team are investigating.

After the investigation, the kegs will be dropped off at Firerock Brewing Company – 20-24, Outram Street who have kindly agreed to take them and return them to the owners.

Councillor David Hennigan, Councillor for Sutton Central and New Cross said: “We get things dumped like mattresses and other household items but this is the first time, to my knowledge we’ve had beer barrels just dumped.

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“I’ve had a ring around the local landlords and they tell me that they haven’t had any nicked.

“It looks like they were dumped from out of town and our enforcement team are now on the job and all CCTV is being checked.

“All kegs like this are chipped and it looks like they have been stolen to sell for scrap.  Scrap merchants won’t take them for this reason so the thieves have just dumped them.


“This Council is serious about tackling fly-tipping of whatever type.

“We have a track record of launching investigations and catching offenders.  Anyone tempted to dump stuff needs to know that they haven’t got this council over a barrel.  We will take strong action against them.

“I’d ask anybody who has information about the culprits to get in touch with the council.  I’d like to thank Neil and his team at Firerock on Outram Street for assisting us with this.”


The Council’s Community Safety Team have made significant efforts to reduce fly tipping in the District which resulted in 545 fly tipping investigations with 88 fines issued since April 2021. The highest recorded amount in the Council’s history.

“Fly tipping is a serious offence and carries a maximum penalty of an unlimited fine or up to five years imprisonment. The Council is committed to driving down fly tipping and rubbish dumping, which is a blight on our communities.”

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