Election 2017: All 264 candidates for Nottinghamshire County Council

County Hall
  • Election 2017: All 264 candidates for Nottinghamshire County Council

  • The 2017 Election is the first County Council election since the last Local Government Boundary Commission revisions.

Boundary review

Following a recent boundary review by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England, the number of councillors will reduce from 67 to 66 councillors at this election.

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The results

Countywide results will be announced by Nottinghamshire County Council’s County Returning Officer, Chief Executive Anthony May at County Hall, West Bridgford as they come in from around noon on Friday 5 May.

All but one of the districts will be verifying after close of poll on Thursday 4 May and starting their counts at 10am on Friday 5 May. Rushcliffe will verify on Friday 5 May at 9am followed by their count.


Ashfield nominated candiates


Ancliff, Jade Melissa (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Gibbons, Linford Martyn (Labour Party)
Wright, Ian William (UK Independence Party)
Zadrozny, Jason Bernard (Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round)
Hucknall North

Bradley, Ben (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Grice, Alice Elisabeth (Labour Party)
Harvey, James Alan (Liberal Democrats)
Wilmott, John Morton Anthony (Hucknall First Community Forum)
Young, Ray (UK Independence Party)
Hucknall South

Holland, Jack (UK Independence Party)
Locke, Trevor Charles (Hucknall First Community Forum)
Rostance, Phil (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Sjoberg-Weekes, Alex (Liberal Democrats)
Wilkinson, John Hartley (Labour Party)
Hucknall West

Bestwick, Stuart James (UK Independence Party)
Charlesworth, Robert Andrew (Liberal Democrats)
Rostance, Kevin Thomas (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Ware, Geoff (Hucknall First Community Forum)
Watkinson, Joe (Labour Party)
Kirkby North

Ancliff, Sam (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Ingram, John Timothy (Liberal Democrats)
Jeanes, Janet (UK Independent Party)
Knight, John (Labour Party)
Kirkby South

Gilbert, Donna Samantha Jane (Labour Party)
Harrison, Mark John (Independent)
Madden, Rachel Elisabeth (Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round)
Wright, Gabriella (UK Independence Party)

Bradley, Shanade Nikita (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Marsters, Josie (Liberal Democrats)
Martin, David Bernard (Selston Parish Independents)
Stevens, Ruth (Labour Party)
Terzza, Carole Irene (UK Independence Party)
Wilson, Sam (Independent)
Sutton Central and East

Carroll, Steve (Labour Party)
Cook, Sally (UK Independence Party)
Deakin, Samantha Kay (Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round)
Sutton North

Hollis, Helen Joy (Labour Party)
Smith, Helen-Ann (Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round)
Thorpe, Geoff (UK Independence Party)
Sutton West

Baker, John Matson (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Hollis, Tom (Ashfield Independents Working All Year Round)
Maxwell, Glenys Christina (Labour Party)
Sansom, Moira Jean (UK Independence Party)

Bassetlaw nominated candiates

Blyth and Harworth

Cowan, Alex Jordan (Liberal Democrats)
Gray, Adam Michael (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Hudson, John Andrew (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Place, Sheila Janice (Labour Party)

Brand, Hazel (Independent)
Hunter, Mark Peter (Liberal Democrats)
Taylor, Dave (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Taylor, Tracey Lee (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Retford East

Skelding, Pam (Labour Party)
Vickers, Steve (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Wade, Jon (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Ware, Stephen John (Liberal Democrats)
Retford West

Coggles, Jennifer Anne (Liberal Democrats)
Pulk, Darrell Eduard (Labour Party)
Quigley, Mike (The Conservative Party Candidate)

Clayton, Tony (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Duveen, Mat (Liberal Democrats)
Gallucci, Frederick (Labour Party)
Ogle, John (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Worksop East

Airey, Andrew (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Gilfoyle, Glynn (Labour Party)
Gray, Michael Tom (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Savage, Connor Lewis (Liberal Democrats)
Worksop North

Barnes, Richard (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Davies, Adam (Liberal Democrats)
Rhodes, Alan (Labour Party)
Vernon, Roger Martin (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Worksop South

Auckland, Emma Jane (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Barker, Christopher Paul (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Duveen, Leon Maurice (Liberal Democrats)
Greaves, Kevin Maurizio (Labour Party)
Worksop West

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Briggs, Rachel Elizabeth (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Fielding, Sybil Jacqueline (Labour Party)
Russell, Simon Andrew (Liberal Democrats)
Broxtowe nominated candiates

Beeston Central and Rylands

Foale, Kate (Labour Party)
Roberts-Thomson, Trish (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Rule, Sylvia Anne (Green Party)
Slater, Gav (Liberal Democrats)
Bramcote and Beeston North

Carr, Steve (Liberal Democrats)
Cobb, Chris (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Nathanail, Constantine Paul (Independent)
Smith, Tony (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Winfield, Ellie (Labour Party)

Griffiths, David Jonathan (Labour Party)
Harper, Tony (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Longdon, Keith (Liberal Democrats)
Morton, Pat (Green Party)
Tordoff, Paul Bryan (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Greasley and Brinsley

Cahill, Tracey Ann (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Handley, John William (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Hewis, Bethan (Green Party)
Patrick, David Thomas (Labour Party)
Nuthall and Kimberley

Boettge, Kat (Green Party)
Cullen, Teresa Ann (Labour Party)
Jones, Graham Andrew (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Owen, Philip John (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Stapleford and Broxtowe

Clarke, Lisa Marie (Labour Party)
Doddy, John Anthony (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Hallam, Tim (Liberal Democrats)
Longdon, William John (The Conservative Party Candidate)
MacRae, Richard Danny (Independent)
McGrath, John Liam Sean (Labour Party)
Peterson-Tait, Nina (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Stowell, Daniel Roy (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Williams, Jacky (Liberal Democrats)
Toton, Chilwell and Attenborough

Ashton, Mick (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Eddleston, Richard David (Green Party)
Elliott, Dawn Angela (Labour Party)
Frost, Si (Liberal Democrats)
Hall, Tony (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Heal, Graham Roy (Liberal Democrats)
Jackson, Richard Ian (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Kerry, Eric (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Roberts, Tom (Labour Party)
Venning, Mary Evelyn (Green Party)

Gedling nominated candiates

Arnold North

Allan, Pauline Annette (Labour Party)
Faulconbridge, James Anthony Patrick (Conservative Party Candidate)
Jones, Tad (Liberal Democrat)
Norris, Jim (Green Party Stop Fracking Now)
Payne, Michael Richard (Labour Party)
Pepper, Carol (Conservative Party Candidate)
Rose, George Eric (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Swift, Andrew Julian (Liberal Democrat)
Thompson, Jeannie (Green Party Stop Fracking Now)
Voce, David William (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Arnold South

Adams, Michael James (Conservative Party Candidate)
Clarke, William John (Labour Party)
Hart, John Colin (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Stansfield, Jason Martin (Liberal Democrat)
Stuart, Jim (Green Party Stop Fracking Now)
Swift, Robert Andrew (Liberal Democrat)
Truman, Jean Olive (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Vince, Margret Susan Barbara (Green Party Stop Fracking Now)
Walker, Jane Maria (Conservative Party Candidate)
Weisz, Muriel (Labour Party)

Elliott, Boyd Bryan (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Hope, Mike (Labour Party)
Waters, Lee (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Wright, Marguerite Anne (Liberal Democrat)
Carlton East

Brooks, Nicki (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Doyle, Kevin Backhouse (Conservative Party Candidate)
Ellis, Ray (Independent)
Flynn, John Edward (Liberal Democrat)
Roebuck, Graham Kenneth (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Carlton West

Baldwin, Laurence James (The Green Party)
Clarke, Ged (Conservative Party Candidate)
Creamer, Jim (Labour Party)
Dawson, Robert James (Conservative Party Candidate)
Ellwood, Andrew Mark (Liberal Democrat)
Henry, Errol George (Labour Party)
Hughes, Paul Anthony (Liberal Democrat)
Loi, Piero (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Pritchard, Philip Anthony (UK Independence Party (UKIP))

Barnfather, Christopher Paul (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Connick, Rebecca (Green Party)
Smith, Michael John (Labour Party)
Waters, Rhea (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Watts, David Kenneth (Liberal Democrat)
Mansfield nominated candiates

East Mansfield

Bell, Alan (Labour Party)
Harwood, Colleen (Labour Party)
Hopewell, Vaughan Adrian (Mansfield Independent Forum)
Hunt, Tom (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Morris, Christopher Andrew (Liberal Democrats)
Wright, Martin (Mansfield Independent Forum)
North Mansfield

Bosnjak, Joyce (Labour Party)
Forster, Raymond William (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Hamilton, David (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Redfern, Daniel Leslie (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Seymour, Karen Rachel Mary (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Trussel, Clive Arthur (Liberal Democrats)
Tsimbiridis, Parry (Labour Party)
South Mansfield

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Garner, Steve (Mansfield Independent Forum)
Hammersley, Charles Ian (Labour Party)
Hunt, Darren (Labour Party)
Malpass, Dean (Liberal Democrats)
Prabhakar, Anita (Liberal Democrats)
Saxelby, Paul James (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Shields, Philip (Independent)
Sissons, Andy (Mansfield Independent Forum)
West Mansfield

Buck, Rebecca Suzanne (Liberal Democrats)
Crosby, Stephen John (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Henshaw, Paul Nigel (Labour Party)
Loi, Fran (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Meale, Diana Mary (Labour Party)
Stewardson, Steph (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Tooley – Okonkwo, Paul (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)

Brown, Don (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Dallman, Allan (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Smith, Janette (Liberal Democrats)
Wetton, Andy (Labour Party)

Newark and Sherwood nominated candiates


Leach, Vivienne (Labour Party)
Rayner, Marylyn (Liberal Democrats)
Walker, Keith (The Conservative Party Candidate)

Smith, Philip Ashley (Liberal Democrat)
Turnbull, Bill (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Wharton, Chris (Independent)
Woodhead, Yvonne (Labour Party)

Dobson, Maureen (Independent)
Lee, Johno (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Farndon and Trent

Adams, Chris (Liberal Democrats)
Logue, Declan Patrick (Independent)
Obodo, Mary (Labour Party)
Saddington, Sue (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Muskham and Farnsfield

Harris, Peter (Liberal Democrats)
Laughton, Bruce (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Pain, Richard (The Green Party)
Spry, Jeremy Paul (Labour Party)
Newark East

Peacock, Paul Stephen (Labour Party)
Scorer, Vivien Helen (Liberal Democrats)
Wallace, Stuart Robert (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Newark West

Girling, Keith Frank (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Sanigar, Zena (Labour Party)

Bardill, Glenn John Alexander (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Cooke, Christopher (Liberal Democrat)
Pringle, Mike (Labour Party)
Sherwood Forest

Brown, Michael Andrew (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Peck, John Malcolm (Labour Party)
Scorer, Peter James (Liberal Democrats)

Jackson, Roger James (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Lyons, Ed (Labour Party)
Thompstone, Stuart Ross (Liberal Democrats)

Rushcliffe nominated candiates

Bingham East

Grocock, Chris (Labour Party)
Kerry, Tracey Lindsay (Independent)
Mumford, Ian Richard (The Green Party)
Purdue-Horan, Francis Anthoney (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Weaver, Brian Ralph Edward (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Bingham West

Clarke, Jonathan Neil (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Harvey, Alan Robert (Independent)
Wallace, Tony (Labour Party)

Allen, David John (Liberal Democrat)
Butler, Richard Langton (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Howe, Keri Tricia (Labour Party)

Abbey, Linda Jane (Liberal Democrat)
Cottee, John Elliott (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Fitzgerald, Kevin James (Labour Party)
King, David Alan (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Nicholson-Cole, David Anthony (The Green Party)
Leake and Ruddington

Adair, Reg (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Billin, Jason Richard (Liberal Democrat)
Boote, Debbie (Liberal Democrat)
Brown, Andy (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Lishman, Yvonne Barbara (Labour Party)
Perriman, Stephen Richard (The Green Party)
Reedman, Jill Maureen (Labour Party)
Wilson, Ian Paul (The Green Party)
Radcliffe on Trent

Brady, Stuart James (Labour Party)
Cutts, Kay (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Khan, Juliette (Liberal Democrat)
Wells, Darren James (The Green Party)
West Bridgford North

Baker, Timothy Andrew (The Green Party)
Plant, Liz (Labour Party)
Price, Vicky (Liberal Democrats)
Watkinson, Mike (The Conservative Party Candidate)
West Bridgford South

Edgerton, Lizzie (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Turner, David Charles (Liberal Democrats)
Wheeler, Jonathan Gordon Alexander (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Whitehead, Ian James (The Green Party)
West Bridgford West

Munro, Ian (Liberal Democrat)
Richardson, Will (The Green Party)
Wheeler, Douglas Gordon (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Whittome, Nadia Edith (Labour Party)