Elections 2017: ‘UKIP will hold Tories to proper Brexit’ says candidate

The people of Hucknall West should vote for UKIP to ensure the Tories don’t backslide on Brexit, the party’s candidate has told The Wire.

According to UKIP Nottinghamshire, the other parties are looking to give away important principles, like our ability to control immigration, the Party’s local candidate has said today. Furthermore, the Labour Party are completely divided, especially on Brexit.

Residents in Hucknall voted overwhelmingly to Leave the EU in the referendum last June, and this is their opportunity to ensure their voice continues to be heard.

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UKIP obtained 3.9 million votes in the 2015 General Election, and this was a deciding factor in forcing David Cameron to hold the Referendum. Voting UKIP will help maintain the pressure on Mrs May to deliver the Brexit we voted for.

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Locally, Stuart has been canvassing the people of Hucknall in the Hucknall West division ahead of the County Council elections on May 4th.

Mr Bestwick says:

“I have met dozens of people over the last few weeks, and found a huge amount of disenchantment with the old Parties” said Mr Bestwick.

“Voters are moving to UKIP in Hucknall because we are the only Party standing up for British people and British values”