Eleventh person sentenced after Notts armed robbery

Nottingham Crown Court © westbridgfordwire.com
Nottingham Crown Court © westbridgfordwire.com

An eleventh person has been sentenced following an armed robbery in Nottinghamshire.

Matthew Porter, 37, formerly of St Nicholas Road in Boston, was sentenced to 10 years in prison at Nottingham Crown Court on Thursday (8 March 2018) after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit armed robbery on 6 January 2016.

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On 26 April 2017, ten people were locked up for a combined total of more than 80 years after they admitted being involved in the armed robbery at Andrew Michael’s jewellers in Stodman Street, Newark on 6 January 2016 where around £250,000 worth of watches and jewellery were taken.

Following a lengthy and complicated investigation involving other forces, the group were swiftly arrested and charged but Porter remained outstanding.

Porter was arrested on 31 August 2017 after more than a year on the run.

Detective Sergeant Ricky Ellis said: “We are so pleased to be finally putting this case to rest.”

“This was a very organised and high value crime where a number of people from different counties across the midlands played key roles in the offence and we were determined to leave no stone unturned in finding Porter and making sure he too was brought before the courts for the part that he played.”

The jail terms of those sentenced on 26 April 2017 are listed below:

– Nathan Clarke, 28, of Wrigsham Street in Coventry received 15 years imprisonment for conspiracy to rob and converting criminal property. He was also given a further two years for an unrelated offence.
– Adil Yasin, 25, of Oakwood Road, Springfield in Birmingham; Imran Zamir, 24, of Gladstone Road in Sparbrook, Birmingham; Raju Miah, 25, from Birmingham and Tommy Walden, 28, of Peck Avenue in Boston, Lincolnshire were each given 10 years, eight months for conspiracy to rob and possession of an imitation firearm.
– John Daly, 29, of Station Road in Kings Norton, Birmingham received 15 years, six months for conspiracy to rob and possession of an imitation firearm.
– Michelle Bradley, 30, of Forbes Road in Boston, Lincolnshire and Emma Porter, 35, of Allington Garden in Boston, Lincolnshire each received four years for conspiracy to rob.
– Shah Alam, 39, of Floyer Road in Birmingham was given 10 months for conspiracy to convert stolen property.
All of the above pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing.
– Abdul Khalique, 38, of Pickard Street, Islington in London was found guilty of conspiracy to convert stolen property after trial and sentenced to 12 months in prison.