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The end of dark green taxis in Nottingham as new livery revealed


Nottingham City Council is set to approve a brand new livery for its fleet of Hackney Carriages at a meeting today ( 16 March ). 

From today, all applications for replacement Hackney Carriage vehicles will be ordinarily refused unless the vehicle is coloured black with a white vinyl roof.

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New black and white taxis, which are already being brought in, will soon become the standard, and by 2020, the green Hackney carriages will disappear altogether.

The Regulatory and Appeals Committee approve that from 17 March 2018 the current vehicle specification for new or replacement hackney carriage vehicles be changed so that approved vehicles are painted in in black with a white vinyl wrapped roof with the Council coat of arms being displayed on the front doors of the vehicle.

The Council says that in line with the new Age and Emissions Policy, drivers of Hackney Carriage Vehicles are having to invest a great deal more money into newer, more efficient vehicles and so maintaining a factory black colour would not only save the drivers the cost of a respray, but also create a clean, valued and visible product for the City.

The current colour is Jaguar Racing Green.

Trent Street taxi rank Nottingham
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Other initiatives being discussed for the future are to improve air quality and environmental credentials of taxis in Nottingham.

From 1 January 2020 all Hackney Carriage vehicles will be required to be a minimum of Euro 6 Diesel or ZEC ULEV – must only emit up to 50g/km CO2 with a minimum of 30 mile emission range. A ZEC Hackney Carriage MUST be petrol if an internal combustion engine is used.

No Euro 6 Diesel vehicle will ordinarily be licensed as a hackney carriage if it over the age of ten years.

No ZEC ULEV vehicle will ordinarily be licensed as a hackney carriage if it over the age of 14 years.




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