Ernehale Junior School footballers retain Gedling Football Cup

L-R: Champions again, Lewis Button, Josh Marriott, Lucas Pavier, Tobias Blair- Inshallah MacDonald, Osiris Macdonald, Finley Hall, Sam Ridley, Josh King and Kauis Bolton.

Ernehale Junior School in Arnold is celebrating the retention of the Gedling Primary Schools Football Association cup for the second year running.

Having seen an incredible run since the beginning of the October 2016 season; the boys had one draw in their league matches and won all of the rest, not losing a single match!

Team coaches Richard Younger (Next Level Sports) and Rebecca Bateman (Ernehale Junior School Teaching Assistant) said that the team were a credit to the school. Richard said, “I am still buzzing from the results. I was so proud of them for playing as well as they did and keeping their calm during the penalty shootout.” The final was played against Arno Vale Junior School and ended in a nail biting 2-1 penalty shootout.

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Teaching Assistant and coach Rebecca Bateman said she was nervous during the final. “Throughout the whole process I have been very proud of the boys. They took our school and Trust values onto the pitch with them. I tried my best not to let the boys know how nervous I was feeling because whatever the outcome, I was proud either way.”

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The team with proud teaching assistant and coach, Rebecca Bateman.

Rebecca said the team played a great game. “Well firstly, we did something that Leicester City didn’t do, we retained our title! I know that winning the title meant the world to every single child, and I was totally over the moon! The coaching and teaching staff all believed in the boys, and that faith definitely rubbed off.”

The school are already running trials for their new football team as Rebecca says around half of the players will move to secondary schools in September. “I must say that every single lad in that team has the potential to go a long way in their football careers.”

Team Captain Finley Hall (Y6) said he was fairly confident of a win, “We had a solid defence and attack and that’s what you need to win a match! But it did feel surreal to retain the title.”

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Rebecca describes their season as being ‘out of this world’. “They have committed themselves 100% and have constantly displayed our school values when they were on the pitch. Each boy played with respect toward each other, the officials and the opposition. They represented their school in a way that all the teaching staff and parents and carers should be proud. They were Team Ernehale until the end!”