European Citizens’ gathering to take place in Nottingham

This European citizens’ gathering will be an opportunity for those engaged or interested in campaigning efforts directed towards upholding and defending the rights of all European citizens in the context of Brexit to engage, converse, cooperate and plan future initiatives.


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‘Nottingham narrowly voted to leave the European Union in the advisory Brexit referendum of 2016, yet it is an avowedly European city bidding to become European Capital of Culture in 2023,’ said Tony Simpson, representative of the Retaining European Citizenship initiative.

‘On Saturday, we European citizens will be standing up for our rights at a gathering to be held at the University of Nottingham,’ said Mr Simpson. ‘Millions of European citizens from other countries live in limbo, because they do not know what their situation will be after Exit Day on 29 March 2019. Meanwhile, tens of millions of Brits will be stripped of their European citizenship and the associated rights to live, work and study elsewhere in the European Union and to move freely around the Continent.’

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Participants in the European Citizens’ Gathering include Professor Andreas Bieler of Nottingham University, Elena Remigi, editor of the book In Limbo: Brexit Testimonies from EU Citizens in the UK, and EUsupergirl, Madeleina Kay, and her white Alsation, Alba White Wolf.

In May 2017, the European Commission registered the ‘Retaining European Citizenship’ Initiative, started in Nottingham by Tony Simpson and Tom Unterrainer, with support from European citizens in Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, and Italy. The Initiative has now received almost 8,000 endorsements, with signatories in all 28 European Union member states.

A European citizens’ initiative allows one million EU citizens to participate directly in the development of EU policies, by calling on the European Commission to make a legislative proposal.

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The Gathering is organised in conjunction with the Centre for the Study of Social and Global Justice of the University of Nottingham.

The event will take place in rooms at Highfield House (Graduate School/Centre for Advanced Studies), University Park, University of Nottingham between 10.30am and 5pm on Saturday 18th November.