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Extinction Rebellion declare Climate Camp ‘a success’

Extinction Rebellion activists dismantled their camp at County Hall on Sunday, as promised at the end of nine days of protest.

Organisers said that over the week hundreds of people talked to the campers and many had their questions answered by “Ask a Scientist” Monica Pallis.

The vast majority were very concerned about the Climate Crisis and the County Council’s ‘lack of action about the emergency’.

camp clear extinction rebellion
The area after the camp was cleaned up

“We want people to think about the climate when they vote on Thursday 6th. Some of the parties want to get the government to create legally binding Citizens Assemblies, which are a truly democratic way of making important long term decisions. Local Councils can help push for this to happen, so local elections are important” said Steve Katon, a 50-year-old IT Consultant and father of 2 from Rushcliffe.

Julie Chaplain, a candidate in the council elections visited the camp on the last day and said that she had decided to stand because of Nottingham County Council’s inaction on climate change. “It was my main reason for standing and when I tell this to people on the doorstep, I have been getting really positive feedback and support.”

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Around 200 members of the public had their photographs taken to be passed on to the newly elected Councillors to demonstrate their feelings.

Eve Cina, 65, a retired probation officer from West Bridgford said “We think it is really significant the Council allowed us to trespass all this time – although they are negligent about the Climate, they must really know the strength of public opinion that they didn’t get the police to move us on.”

Throughout the week there were demonstrations, arts activities, live music, singing, dancing and samba drumming. Costumes were designed and made for future demonstrations. On Friday a giant bath plug was suspended from Trent Bridge.

The police arrested three of the activists who took part in the “Rebellion of One” demonstration on Saturday. Tracy Neale was only able to protest for 20 minutes before she was arrested, but members of the public helped to distribute her letter. Jack Horner protested in West Bridgford, and Bertram Kemmler sat the longest; a student joined him sitting in the road, and a crowd of about 100 applauded him when he was arrested.

Pippa McKeith also took part in the action but chose not to be arrested. “The police allowed me the right to protest, and were respectful. At the end of my protest I distributed the remaining copies of my letter to all the passers-by, and had some interesting conversations”

The camp area was left completely clear on Sunday evening.

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