Thursday 22 February 2024
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Extinction Rebellion Nottingham pleased to see council motion for Climate Emergency

The Nottingham cohort of Extinction Rebellion comment on the earlier report that Nottinghamshire County Council will hear a motion to declare a Climate Emergency in the county at a meeting on 27 May.


A spokesperson told The Wire:

‘Extinction Rebellion Nottingham are very pleased to see a fresh start for the newly elected council and in particular thank Ben Bradley for bringing this issue to the first meeting.

‘We urge the rest of the council to support this motion unanimously.

‘The nine-day climate camp outside County Hall had massive support by local residents and shows that the public accept the reality of climate change and want the issue tackled with urgency.

‘Declaring a climate emergency is a promise, but what follows must be bold, effective and measurable action. This requires joined-up thinking from all committees and all policies. The promises of road improvement for drivers, but no mention of cycling infrastructure is an immediate example of a failure of real commitment to think things through.

‘XR Nottingham will continue to monitor and add pressure for the radical changes required to create a cleaner, greener, fairer and more sustainable Nottinghamshire. We are ready to help and support in any way we can.’