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Extinction Rebellion Nottingham announce protest this weekend

Extinction Rebellion wants decisions that have long term implications to be made by ordinary people from a big cross-section of society.


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Rebels from Extinction Rebellion Nottingham say that they will be making a protest during their ‘daily exercise’.

They will stand outside the County Hall at noon, to ‘demand the government create a binding Citizens Assembly’, as part of the coronavirus recovery.

The group say that as they can’t travel to London right now, this action forms part of a UK wide protest, including Parliament Square, and many other cities and towns.

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Extinction Rebellion believes that what we prioritise and where the UK’s budget is spent as we recover from the Covid-19 crisis will affect all of us for many years to come. This is a big chance to make important decisions and the public need to have a say in that.

Extinction Rebellion wants decisions that have long term implications to be made by ordinary people from a big cross-section of society.

‘The Citizens Assembly would #DecideTogether how to rebuild our economy, our democracy and our future.’

“Politicians think short term for the next election and often avoid making difficult long term decisions”, said Jack, 44-year-old rebel from Beeston “Citizens Assemblies have worked really well in both Canada and Ireland”.

“We trust juries to make huge decisions about people’s lives and I think we can trust them to make decisions about a fair, safe future for us all” said Kay Head 47 from New Basford “Citizens’ Assemblies take a big cross-section of people, who are given excellent information from many experts and then they make the decisions.”

The Government held ‘Climate Assembly UK’ which is due to report in July. The brief was “How can we go carbon neutral by 2050”, but scientists agree the target of 2050 is too late to prevent catastrophic climate breakdown.

The Government says the report will “feed into the Committee on Climate Change’s ongoing analysis of the UK’s performance on building a low-carbon economy”. Any decisions that have been made will not be legally binding.

Hebe Whittall, 22 from Carrington said “This Climate Assembly UK seems to be just paying lip service. It hasn’t taken the real problem seriously enough, and it has no teeth. We need a proper binding Citizens Assembly.”

Rebels will be standing at least 3 metres apart, wearing masks and gloves holding placards in defiant, dignified silence. Rebels have been briefed to be meticulous in their adherence to the Covid-19 guidelines. They will each be conducting a solo protest nearby others doing the same.

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