Monday 24 January 2022
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Extra £3.5m for social care funding in Nottinghamshire to ease winter pressures

Plans to invest £3.5m of extra Government social care funding to reduce winter pressures at Nottinghamshire’s hospitals has been agreed by the County Council today (Monday 12 November).

The funding forms part of the £240m allocated to councils which was announced in the Chancellor’s budget speech last month.

The Council’s Adult Social Care and Public Health Committee agreed to fund an additional 64 posts to reduce pressures on local hospital beds to the end of March 2019.

Examples of where the money is being invested includes:

• £600,000 on extra short- term assessment beds in care homes for people leaving hospital who need extra support

• £500,000 in the Council’s Home First Response Service, which provides short-term support at home of up to 14 days for people leaving hospital or at risk of a hospital stay

• £250,000 for extra equipment for people receiving home care after a hospital stay, which includes lifting equipment to assist carers moving people with restricted mobility

• £200,000 on additional support workers to help people regain skills at home after leaving hospital through the Council’s START service

• £100,000 on 3.5 full-time social workers to support mental health patients requiring discharge

• £92,000 for extra social workers and community care officers to speed up discharge assessments across the county’s hospitals

• £87,000 for an extra 20 short-term care beds at the Council’s Care and Support Centres to support discharged patients before returning home.

Councillor Stuart Wallace, Chairman of the County Council’s Adult Social and Public Health Committee, said: “We’ve worked closely with our health colleagues in coming up with our plan to use the extra Government money, which aims to free up hospital beds for those most in need and support people leaving hospital to regain their skills at home.

“We will closely monitor the impact of this extra funding to make sure it’s making a difference to local health services and improving people’s independence after a discharge.

“The County Council is in the top 10 percent of authorities in the country for minimising hospital discharge delays caused by social care availability this financial year, so this extra funding will build on our current excellent performance.”