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Family thank off-duty police officer who gave CPR and ‘brought man back to life’ in Nottingham

After two minutes of chest compressions, he managed to bring the man back to life and could feel a slight pulse.

Family gives thanks to off-duty police officer helped save an elderly man’s life after finding him slumped over inside a car.

Constable Lyndon Youd, of Nottinghamshire Police was off duty at the time and traveling towards Nottingham when he spotted a car not moving in the middle of a road on Tuesday (24 August 2021) at around 11.30am.

After realising a pensioner was inside and slumped over the wheel with the engine still running, he sprang into action and managed to smash a passenger side window with a house brick.

Realising that he was not breathing and in desperate need of help, PC Youd managed to place the man in the middle of the carriageway with the help of a lorry driver as other drivers helped stop traffic.

After two minutes of chest compressions, he managed to bring the man back to life and could feel a slight pulse.

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Grandfather-of-two John Payne, 79, is now recovering in hospital and incredibly thankful for PC Youd’s actions that inevitably saved his life.

John’s daughter Joanne Payne,  has expressed her enormous gratitude for the officer’s actions in saving her father’s life allowing him to still watch his grandchildren and great-grandchild grow up.

Ms Payne, of Long Eaton, said: “We just want to express our gratification and sincere gratitude to PC Youd because he did save my dad’s life.

“What started as a normal day turned into what we think is a seizure at the wheel but for dad, he was so extremely lucky that an off-duty officer was there and recognised he was in trouble.

“If it wasn’t for his quick response he wouldn’t be here and then I wouldn’t have a dad.

“We are just so grateful to all of the emergency services that attended and their compassion, care and professionalism.

“Because they all gave us our dad back and grandad and great grandad.

“There are just no words, to sum up, it just seems like words aren’t enough.

“I saw him last night in hospital and he was up and about and walking around which was amazing and he just kept calling the officer his hero and would like to talk to him when he’s better.

“He’s usually so active and goes swimming and walking and I’m usually the one who can’t keep up with him.

“PC Youd deserves a medal for what he did. He saved my dad and without him, I wouldn’t have him here and I’d be heartbroken so in a way he saved my life too.”

PC Lyndon Youd, who has worked on the front line for over 20 years, explained how upon seeing the incident he didn’t think twice about jumping into action and helping.

He added: “I saw a stationary vehicle in the middle of the carriageway and there was also a man walking around the car on the phone.

“After driving slowly past I then saw the gentleman slumped forward and under save life or limb manage to gain access to the vehicle and start chest compressions on him.

“Even though I wasn’t in uniform at the time I’m a police officer and will always do my utmost to help no matter the situation and if I’m on duty or not.

“I want to wish John a speedy recovery and also to thank the other members of the public who stopped to help and control traffic.”

PC Youd’s supervisor Sergeant Gregory Saxelby, from Nottinghamshire Police, said: “We want to first send our well wishes to John and his family and hopes of a fast recovery.

“But incidents like these show that our officers even when they’re not in police uniform will always be there to help the public whenever needed.

“As police officers, we swear an oath to protect people from harm and in this regard we are never truly off duty. In taking the actions he did, this officer lived up to the very highest of professional standards and exemplified the very best of Nottinghamshire Police.”

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