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Fire Service issues warning after tumble dryer fires in Nottingham

Firefighters from West Bridgford and Stockhill fire stations were called to the incidents on Saturday afternoon, both of which involved tumble dryers.


Did you know that you checking your tumble dryer for a build-up of fluff could help you to reduce the risk of fire in your home?

Separate incidents in Clifton and Aspley over last weekend have prompted a reminder about tumble dryer safety in your home.

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Firefighters from West Bridgford and Stockhill fire stations were called to the incidents on Saturday afternoon (16th March), both of which involved tumble dryers.

Station Manager Christian Brown from the Service’s Prevention Team, said: “Thankfully nobody was injured in either of these incidents, and off the back of this, it is always a good idea to take a few minutes to assess your own fire safety.

“We would never advise leaving your tumble dryer or washing machine on overnight, or when you are out of the house, as you will have less chance of catching the fire early and calling 999.

“A build-up of fluff in tumble dryer filters has been known to contribute to fires involving these appliances, and for this reason, we would always recommend cleaning filters regularly.

“It is also recommended that you register your appliances so that you will be notified of any safety risks from the manufacturers. The process is quick and simple and all you have to do is go to: www.registermyappliance.org.uk to do this.

“If you have brought an electrical appliance like a tumble dryer second-hand, remember to register yourself as the new owner, otherwise you might miss vital information which could prevent a fire in your home.”

“Checking and looking after your appliances and making sure that you have working smoke alarms on every level of your home go hand-in-hand, and we cannot emphasise enough how these simple actions could save your life, and your loved ones.”


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