Wednesday 21 February 2024
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Fire service warning after several fires in the open dealt with in past few days

The service has dealt with several fries in the open in the past few days.

A spokesperson said:

It’s been a busy day for the crew ( 19 June ) and Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service who have attended numerous incidents today.

‘Many of these have been grass, undergrowth and tree fires scattered all around the county.’

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Notts Fire warned parents about the dangers last year:

‘It might surprise you to learn that our crews spent an average of 40 minutes dealing with each fire – that’s equivalent to one fire crew dealing with nothing but grass fires solidly for a whole month.

‘Not only do fires of this kind impact on communities, but they can also damage areas of recreation, property, people’s livelihood and even endanger lives.

‘That’s why we want you to spread the word that #FiresAreNotFun to young people, and remind them that this year’s summer holiday should be one to remember for the right reasons.

‘We would like you to spread the word with the following advice:

Keeping lighters and matches out of reach – we know that these fires are often fuelled by opportunity from these items being left lying around.
Giving in to peer pressure to set a fire is not cool – Just because others might encourage, remember the consequences.
We know it might be difficult over the summer, but make sure your children are occupied – often, boredom can be a large factor in fire setting.’

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