Nottingham’s newest cocktail bar, Be At One, opens its doors on September 16th – we were there today to talk to the owners, get some pictures…and to taste some of the 150 cocktails available!

Be At One on Victoria Street in Nottingham City Centre is the 32nd bar to be opened by the company.

The former Nirvana building (near to Delilah) has undergone a £750,000 refurbishment and is almost ready to open. The interior has been completely replaced and re-styled to the brands signature decoration.

Be At One, Victoria Street, Nottingham
Be At One, Victoria Street, Nottingham
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Sean Williams, General Manager of Be At One Nottingham, told The Wire, ‘The company is expanding into regional areas now, Nottingham is a focus point because it already has a thriving night-life offering, we’d like to naturally develop that.’

‘Be At One has a culture of three pillars, three main points that we are all passionate about, Drinks, Service and Atmosphere – everyone here aims to hit all of those targets all of the time, to greet customers personally and to make the experience fun!’ Sean added.


Sean is originally from Nottingham but has been working away with the business for eight years.

‘It’s nice to be back’ he added, ‘It’s close to my heart and we can’t wait for next week’s opening

Be At One changes its cocktail menu annually, this is based on a unique feedback system where customers can easily rate their drinks; decisions on the next recipes and offerings are based on the results.

Be At One has had a £750,000 refit
Be At One has had a £750,000 refit

The menu contains a number of ‘Virtuous’ options – including Bees Knees (Gin, lemon juice, Manuka honey and pollen syrup), Almond Mocha (Kahlua, Almond Butter, Raw Chocolate Powder, Almond Milk, Palm Sugar Syrup) and Beetroot Retox (Pomegranate Juice, Beetroot Juice, Raspberry purée and Agave syrup). A leaf motif on the menu designates these drinks.

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Beetroot Retox
Beetroot Retox

The bar has created 15 jobs for local people from the Nottingham area. It costs £5,000 to train each member of staff to mix all 150 drinks! This training takes from 8 to 12 weeks to reach the quality of service that they believe in.


We tasted the ‘Popster’; butterscotch Schnapps, sweet and salty real popcorn AND vanilla ice-cream: delicious! Then we had a go (just a few sips) at the ‘Beetroot retox’ and the varieties in the picture below.

L-R: Chica Caliente, Giant Bruce Killer, Beetroot Retox, English Fizz, Popster and Pornstar Martini
L-R: Chica Caliente, Giant Bruce Killer, Beetroot Retox, English Fizz, Popster and Pornstar Martini
Aldo Vinci - expert cocktail maker, Leadership and Development Officer and Head Trainer!
Aldo Vinci in action – expert cocktail maker, Leadership and Development Officer and Head Trainer!

Aldo Vinci (above) heads up the training – he teaches all the new team members how to perfect the recipes. He has twelve years’ experience and all the right moves!

Aldo in his bar with the cocktails he made for us during the visit.
Aldo in his bar with the cocktails he made for us during the visit.

Be At One has an iOS and Android app which, among other functions, allows you to personalise your own Appi (Happy) Hour!

The Be At One app also allows you to find your nearest Be At One wherever you are in the UK, personalise your own Appi Hour, as well as providing one of the most comprehensive cocktails guides imaginable with many of their own expertly created exclusive Be At One recipes.


App Features:

The ultimate cocktail guide. Let our expert bartenders show you how to make the perfect cocktail! With over 190 cocktail recipes (plus Be At One Originals) to make, plus video mixing tutorials from our expert bartenders.

Local bar search, happy hours and special offers plus much more, become part of the Be At One family with the our new app.

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Personal Appi Hour, setup your own personalised happy hour whenever your visit.


Opening Hours: 

Mon-Wed 16:30 – 0100 Happy Hour – until 20:00

Thurs – Sat – 16:30 – 0300 – until 19:00

Sun 16:30 – 1200 midnight – Buy one get one free (of the same drink) 16:30 – 12:00 midnight

Tables and areas can be booked in advance by mailing: or calling 0115 822 4503 – Parties, corporate events and functions can also be arranged with the venue using the same contact details.



About Be At One

Founders of be At One Steve, Leigh and Rhys met working together in the West End of London in the early 1990s.
In the late ‘90s, the cocktail bar industry was becoming saturated with bars which focused more on style than substance, so they decided to give it a go for themselves.


They threw in their jobs, each got themselves a car loan and a credit card, and bought a run down Indian restaurant on Battersea Rise. Over the following seven weeks they created a cocktail bar.
Be At One Battersea Rise opened its doors at the end of May 1998 and was an instant success. This was followed by the opening of many more Be At Ones… the rest, as they say, is history.IMG_0036



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