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First steps in ‘closing legal loophole’ to prevent hunting wild animals taken in Nottinghamshire


Labour Councillors in Nottinghamshire say that they have demonstrated their commitment to protecting the environment and the welfare of animals in the county.

At Nottinghamshire’s Full Council meeting Labour Cllr Kevin Greaves proposed a motion, advocating for a complete ban on ‘Trail hunting, exempt hunting, and exercising packs of fox hounds’ on Nottinghamshire County Council owned land, which was successfully passed, despite total opposition from the ruling Conservative administration.

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The motion, which was seconded by Labour Councillor Nicki Brooks, sought to close the loopholes which were left by the original Hunting Act 2004, which makes provisions for hunting which are currently being used to effectively flout the Act. Speaking during the meeting about Trail hunting, Councillor Kevin Greaves said:

“Trail hunting is merely a dubious attempt to hide the true intentions of those that wish to continue this vile barbaric act of fox hunting”.

Councillor Nicki Brooks is also a devoted anti-fur campaigner, was clearly delighted with the outcome. Speaking after the meeting she said:

“By supporting the motion this Council is simply closing the loophole that allows both the ‘accidental’ and deliberate illegal hunting and killing of animals, as well as a ‘false alibi’ regularly used by hunts to avoid prosecution, from taking place on Council owned land. I’m thrilled that we’ve managed to secure this result here in Nottinghamshire”.

The decision was also welcomed by Chris Luffingham, director of campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, who said:

“This is a significant decision both for the county of Nottinghamshire and the country as a whole. We welcome a ban that not only recognises that animals are still being killed by hunts, but that the excuse of ‘trail’ hunting is nothing more than a lie.

“The League has received 282 reports of illegal hunting in the current hunting season, including 39 reported fox kills. We welcome Nottinghamshire County Council’s trail-blazing decision, and we would encourage other counties across the land to follow suit.”

Nottinghamshire’s Labour County Councillors have enjoyed other recent successes in protecting important local environmental issues. Back in September 2018, they successfully tabled a motion to prevent fracking applications from being ‘fast tracked’ through the planning process.

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