Thursday 9 December 2021
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First theatre show in Nottingham since lockdown (and there’s no script!)

There haven't been many new musicals made in 2020 so grab a seat for the first musical Nottingham has seen for months!

Nottingham is about to see its first theatre show since March and it’s going to be a hilarious night out.


Rhymes Against Humanity, nominees for this year’s Best Improv Show at Leicester Comedy Festival, are back at Metronome in Nottingham for an entirely improvised musical on Friday 9th October. From the opening number right through to plot twists and a grand finale, the whole show will be made up on the night.

There haven’t been many new musicals made in 2020 so grab a seat for the first musical Nottingham has seen for months!

Artistic Director Lloydie James Lloyd tells audiences to expect the unexpected. “The show will be a mix of musical games and songs inspired by the audience in the first half and then in the second half we’ll take a title from an audience member and turn it into a brand new musical – from opening number through to the finale.

“There are plenty of extra precautions we have to take on stage, including wearing face visors due to the fact we’ll be singing, but for improvisers, things like that are a bit of a gift. Our job is to improvise musical comedy about pretty much anything so some extra props never go amiss.

“This will be the first live show since our New York show got cancelled just after we had all flown out there. That was a tough blow but safety always comes first. That’s why we are so delighted at all the safety measures that Metronome have spent so long putting in place.

“New York will have to wait until another time because on 9 October we have a home crowd to entertain and, to quote a scripted musical, ‘There’s no place like home!’”

Tickets are just £11 (plus booking fee) and available here:

About Rhymes Against Humanity:

Rhymes Against Humanity was founded in January 2016 and has quickly become one of the Midlands’ best selling improv shows. You give them a title, they will give you an entirely improvised musical. In 2020 they were nominated for “Best Improv Show” at the Leicester Comedy Festival and were picked to perform in the New York Musical Improv Festival – the first UK improv group to be asked to perform there in the festival’s 11 year history. The group perform regularly in Nottingham and Leicester and is made up of local performers with occasional guests. Find out more at