The Fitness Space raises the Barre in West Bridgford!

West Bridgford gym The Fitness Space is launching a new high energy, dance-inspired musically motivated fitness class on January 16th. 

Why Barre?

We are so excited to finally bring Barre Fit to the Fitness Space in West Bridgford. This high energy, musically motivated class will be the first of its kind in Nottingham. Barre mixes athleticism, grace and the latest workout innovations designed to strengthen the body and mind.

This unique workout is already extremely popular in London and all across North America. Celebs, national publications and health professionals rave about the “barre burn” and the rewarding endorphin high you are going to feel for days. Just like every class at the Fitness Space, this boutique method of barre is not just a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. We focus on individual results, abilities and most importantly FUN!

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No experience necessary, just a good attitude and a readiness to get sweaty.

The Workout

Barre Fit is a 60 minute class inspired by dance that blends great music with yoga, pilates and conditioning moves that develop long, lean muscles without the added bulk. We like to blend larger, compound muscle movements with smaller one-inch isometric contractions that fire up the muscle.

Trust me those 2-kilo hand weights will feel much heavier than they look. These small muscle contractions allow us to isolate and work deep in the muscle to push through plateaus and build strength.

Most exercises target multiple muscles groups at once and are performed using our own body weight, bands, balls and the barre. We start with a warm up, and then move to arms, front body, back body and side body. Cardio blasts are inserted throughout the class along with mat and core work at the end.

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Barre Fit is customable to any fitness level, age and gender. The low impact workout is also great for pre or postnatal individuals and even those struggling with injuries. We strive to enable each participant to not only reach their full physical potential but to also recognize that underrated mind-body connection.

Feeling better in your body means more than what you see on the scale. After Barre you will leave class feeling confident, less stressed and empowered to make healthier choices throughout the day.

The Launch day for this class will take place on Monday 16th January at 10.30 am & 7.00 pm non-members are welcome FREE, limited spaces available, to book contact the club on 0115 981 6000 or email