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Five Notts registry offices to close saving £13,000 per year


Five part-time Nottinghamshire County Council offices for registering births and deaths are set to close due to low usage, as agreed by its Communities and Place Committee today (Thursday 4 October).

The Council currently operates 16 register offices across the county, which is significantly more than all four neighbouring county authorities, including Leicestershire County Council which operates seven offices.

Only eight percent of all birth and death appointments in Nottinghamshire take place at the five offices to close, which are as follows with the nearest offices detailed:

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• Bingham (10 miles from West Bridgford)
• East Leake (10 miles from West Bridgford)
• Ollerton (11 miles from three other offices – Worksop, Retford and Mansfield)
• Southwell (8 miles from Newark)
• Stapleford (less than 4 miles from Ollerton).

This change will not involve a reduction in services as more appointment slots will be made available at the main registration offices in place of the closed offices.

It has also been agreed to continue offering basic marriage or civil partnership ceremonies at Worksop and cease such services in West Bridgford and Mansfield as most other authorities only offer this level of service at one registration venue.

The standard and enhanced wedding services continue as normal at West Bridgford and Mansfield, only the basic service is affected by the cuts.

The plans are expected to save the Council around £13,000 a year.

Councillor John Handley, Vice-Chairman of the County Council’s Communities and Place Committee, said: “This change is being considered at a time of difficult financial circumstances, but we have many more registration offices compared to other East Midlands councils and the offices to close only average seven appointments a week.

“This plan will simplify our services and will not mean a reduction in what we offer as more appointment slots will be made available at our main offices to cater for demand and ensure a good service for residents.”

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