Wednesday 21 February 2024
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Former Nottingham community centre could become student homes

A former Nottingham City Council community centre and play area could be demolished to make way for student homes.

Developers Thorpe and Fletcher Developments Ltd want to knock down the building on Tennyson Street in the Arboretum which is currently vacant, and build 10 homes.

Fourteen residents living in the area have objected to the proposal in writing as part of the planning process, saying they already deal with noise and anti-social behaviour caused by the student population.

In written objections, one neighbour said: “Will mean more loud music all night every night, more broken bottles and glass to dodge, more rubbish dumped around the roads, and more abuse just because I live here.”

Another added: “There is too much student housing in the area to ensure a ‘balanced community’. The new proposal would take it over the 25 per cent threshold, and this is already having a serious impact on the local community.”

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Council planning officers, which have recommended that planning approval is granted, said there is limited choices for the site.

They said: “The proposal is for the development of a vacant site that is considered would be unlikely to be developed for other viable uses and on balance it is considered that the proposed student accommodation use at the scale proposed would be appropriate to the site.”

Councillors will decide the application at a planning committee meeting on Wednesday, October 20.

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