Former teacher receives life sentence for online child sex offences

A man has been jailed today after paying almost £24,000 to orchestrate child sexual offences and stream video and images of the abuse from another country.

Paul O’Neill, 57, of Wroxham Drive, Wollaton, Nottingham was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 12 years in jail having plead guilty.

O’Neill, who has worked as a maths teacher in West Bridgford and volunteered for a church group in Nottinghamshire, was charged with 30 separate sexual offences including rape and conspiracy to rape.

Despite the children being abused in the Philippines, the CPS prosecutor advised Nottinghamshire Police, at an early stage in the investigation, that it would be possible to prosecute Paul O’Neill for procuring the abuse, using the computer evidence seized in this country.

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Detective Sergeant Darren Mee said: “This was an appalling case in which a man of trust and apparent community spirit was taking extreme advantage of some the most vulnerable people, some as young as five years old, online from his own home.

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“O’Neill was forcefully demanding that family members engage in sexual acts with one another and appeared to be utterly relentless in his search for more victims. The families were often in desperate situations where money, provided in return for performing perverted requests, was used to pay for medical bills.

“Officers have investigated hundreds of lines of inquiry and seen thousands of strands of evidence that have been gathered to secure a very complex conviction. The evidence viewed by officers was some of the worst examples of abuse that we have seen and extremely distressing. I hope today’s result has some level of effect on the victims and, it is unusual that I say this, provides some level of comfort to my officers who have witnessed such upsetting material.

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“Officers have been working with several partner agencies, and without them we would not have been so effective in bringing this man to justice.”

“I hope never to have to see such a heinous case in my career again, but would say to anyone who has any concerns, has been a victim or would like to talk to us to understand that we will take you seriously, we will listen, treat you with absolute dignity and we will work tirelessly to bring offenders to justice.”