Frank Turner chooses Rock City to play 2,000th show

Rock City

English singer-songwriter Frank Turner has chosen his self-proclaimed favourite ever music venue in the world Rock City to play his landmark 2,000 show on Thursday (15 December 2016).

Having just played a fantastically received show at Rock City on Friday 9 December, anticipation has been building from the sell-out crowd looking forward to his second visit in the space of a week.

Anton Lockwood, director of DHP Live said: “Rock City and DHP are very pleased and proud to welcome our friend Frank Turner back to Rock City for the occasion of his 2000th show!

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Frank I believe shares our ethic of working hard, putting everything into having a great show, whilst making sure everyone in the audience has an amazing time and feels safe and welcome – which makes him one of our favourite artists to have here, and we can’t wait for what is sure to be an incredible night.”

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This is the seventh time Frank has played the iconic venue in Nottingham. In the past, Frank has said: “Rock City is my favourite venue here in the UK. You will probably think that I am just saying that but honest to God, it’s true. I think that if every venue was like Rock City then the world would be an infinitely better place. Everyone who I speak to who has played there all say the same thing; that it has got a certain vibe to it.”


Rock City general manager Mark Smith said: “It’s an absolute pleasure to have the 2000th show at Rock City. Things like this are why we work in this industry. Rock City is the perfect venue for Frank and for the way he interacts with the crowd at his shows. He makes the whole thing come to life.

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“I think Frank loves the fact we are an independent venue in a market surrounded by others who are not and also what we can offer to the show. A real rock venue with tons of history, a great pa and a great space for him to do what he does best!”

Frank’s shows at Rock City:

Show number 595: 3rd March 2009 @ Rock City, Nottingham, UK
Show number 716: 18th October 2009 @ Rock City, Nottingham, UK
Show number 1286: 11th November 2012 @ Rock City, Nottingham, UK
Show number 1785: 15th November 2015 @ Rock City, Nottingham, UK
Show number 1786: 16th November 2015 @ Rock City, Nottingham, UK
Show number 1994: 9th December 2016 @ Rock City, Nottingham, UK