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Fraud avoidance advice roadshows held in West Bridgford

Neighbourhood police officers are taking important messages about avoiding scams and fraud out into the community at a series of roadshows.

Officers from the Rushcliffe neighbourhood policing team are being joined by fraud and cyber crime teams, as well as partners from Rushcliffe Borough Council, for the events which are particularly aimed at older people.

Police teams offered important advice on avoiding scams and fraud awareness, as well as handing out freebies, during the first roadshow, held at West Bridgford’s Rugby Road Community Centre on Friday 19 May.

Officers spoke about the different types of scams which exist and how to avoid becoming a victim. They also provided important advice on who to contact for further information and how to report a crime.

A second event was held at Hilton Crescent Community Centre on Monday (22 May) and a third will take place at Abbey Park Community Centre on 31 May at 10.30 am.

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PCSO Jane Barker, from the neighbourhood policing team, said: “We know from speaking to people in the community that scams and fraud are a serious concern, especially among our elderly residents.

“We also know fraudsters often target vulnerable members of the community and want people to be as prepared as possible to avoid becoming a victim.

“Hopefully these events have provided some useful information, and if they prevent just one person from falling victim to a scam they will have been worthwhile.”

PSCO Barker says the talks have been well received and created plenty of discussion about the types of scams to be aware of.

Officers also provided booklets full of advice as well as purse bells, attack alarms, marker pens and other crime-cracking merchandise.

Rushcliffe Borough Council’s deputy chief executive and director of neighbourhoods, Dave Banks, said:

“Tackling Fraud is a key priority for the Safer Nottinghamshire Board and we’re pleased to support Rushcliffe neighbourhood policing team with these sessions to ensure residents know how to protect themselves and their friends and family from scams.

“As ever informing and educating residents is key to combat the methods fraudsters can use and we’ll continue to reach out with partners to help people be more aware. More information can be found with the Take Five campaign encourages residents to always take five minutes, step back and assess if the person in touch with them is legitimate.”

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