Thursday 22 February 2024
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Fuel update: The situation at 7 am on West Bridgford’s forecourts

A look at the filling stations in West Bridgford at 7 am on Wednesday 29 September.

ASDA Loughborough Road – No fuel – staff holding signs up at traffic lights to warn drivers not to queue.

Sainsbury’s Melton Road – No fuel

Morrisons Gamston – No fuel

Fuel supplies are high at refineries but a shortage of tanker drivers caused problems with deliveries to a small number of filling stations last week.

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Reports of pumps running dry at some garages then subsequently led to a surge in demand.

IMG 6863 scaled
Morrisons 7 am 29 September

A government source confirmed to the BBC reports that 16% of all petrol stations were now fully supplied with fuel, compared with 10% at the weekend during some of the worst of the fuel rush.

The source said that 40% of petrol stations being fully supplied was a more normal figure before demand spiked.

The Petrol Retailers Association (PRA) said there were “early signs” the pressure was starting to ease at the pumps.

Sainsbury’s, which has 315 filling stations, said it was still “experiencing high demand for fuel” and that “all our sites continue to receive fuel”.

With the crisis having started five days ago, some experts are predicting that the balance between demand and supply could even out by this Saturday.



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