Saturday 23 October 2021
8.4 C

Full fuel tanker delivered to Sainsbury’s Local – but still the queues for fuel continue

West Bridgford’s Sainsbury’s Local on Melton Road has seen queues for fuel all morning.

It started at around 8 am this morning – and at 3 pm this afternoon.

Queues of motorists along Melton Road causing delays from both directions as they wait to turn into the filling station, it’s still happening now ( around 3 pm ) on Friday 24 September after fears that there is going to be a national shortage of fuel.

The staff at the outlet confirm they have had a full tanker delivery since the queues started this morning, and foresee no issue with either fuel supplies or driver shortages with plenty more planned.

IMG 6765 scaled
Sainsbury’s Local Melton Road 3 pm

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