Wednesday 21 February 2024
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Gas utility works in Nottinghamshire described as ‘vandalism’

Work carried out on Winthorpe Road, Newark has been described as “…vandalism” by a local campaigner.

Cadent carried out gas utility works on the road during the summer leaving pavements uneven and grass verges ruined.

Debbie Darby, the Independent candidate in the forthcoming Collingham by-election claims to have “…been inundated with complaints.”

The by-election is being held on Thursday, 17 February.

The by-election is being held because of the sad death of former Independent Councillor Maureen Dobson.

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DD County Hall scaled

Inspectors from Nottinghamshire County Council have now promised to carry out an investigation.

Cadent have been undertaking remedial work in response to the complaints but Debbie Darby has asked County Hall to take over the works.


Local mum Debbie said: “I recently carried out a survey and received hundreds of responses.

“Apart from concerns about the lack of A&E and maternity services at Newark Hospital – the state of our broken roads and pavements was a huge issue.

“Residents on Winthorpe Road complained about their pavements being uprooted for gas works and not put right.

“Gas distribution company – Cadent came a few months ago to carry out utility works and made a dog’s dinner of the job.

“The previously lush grass verges have been wrecked, the pavements are uneven and there are random holes.

“To think this is acceptable is bonkers.  The work is akin to vandalism – residents have been let down again.  I think it’s time that Notts County Council took over the works and send Cadent the bill.”


One resident told of difficulties backing out of her drive due to the uneven conditions.  Another spoke of their grass verges resembling conditions at the Glastonbury Festival.  Debbie says that residents shouldn’t accept anything more than the condition of the pavement to returned to the same state that Cadent found them.


Debbie has welcomed the investigation from Nottinghamshire County Council.  She said, “I’m pleased that the County Council have listened to our call.  The Conservatives at County Hall are responsible for the state of our roads and pavements and for road safety.  Like me, residents are not willing to accept a second rate job on Winthorpe Road or any other road in Newark, Coddington, Collingham and the surrounding villages.  My team and I visit are taking up hundreds of issues like this and whether elected or not – I will continue to fight for a better service from the County Council and utility companies – just as I have always done.”

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