GCSE Results: Loughborough Endowed Schools

GCSE grading is changing from A*–G to 9–1, hence the mix of this year’s letter and numerical results. This year, English Language, English Literature and Maths are the first subjects to be graded from 9 to 1, with others following in 2018 and 2019.


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Grade 9 is the highest grade, set above the current A*. Grade 4 will be considered a ‘standard pass’ and roughly equivalent to a C.




GCSE students: 169

Number of subjects entered: 1555


A*            36%

A*/A            64%

A*-B            86%

A*-C            96%


100% pass rate


In English Language and English Literature, over 10% achieved the new 9 grade (equivalent to A**) and 83% achieved grades 5-9.


Combining the two currencies:

  • 16 boys achieved at least 9 A*s or equivalent.
  • 55 boys achieved at least 5 A*s or equivalent.
  • 90 boys achieved at least 6 A/A* grades.
  • 86 boys achieved A* in IGCSE Mathematics and 71 in Physics.
  • 47% of grades in Maths and Science were at A* (74% were at A*/A).
  • Over 50% of grades in Latin and Classical Greek were at A*.
  • 16 of 19 Art students achieved A* or A.
  • Two thirds of grades in History were at A*/A.
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Headmaster, Duncan Byrne, said: “These grades represent an outstanding performance from the GCSE students at Loughborough Grammar School, who can embark on A Level study with great confidence for their future success. The boys’ excellent results in Mathematics and Science (74% A*/A or equivalent) demonstrate the school’s strengths in STEM subjects, and will help to produce the doctors, engineers and research scientists required to help the world meet the challenges of the 21st Century.”



GCSE students: 90

Number of exams sat: 890


A*            44.3%

A*/A            74.6%

A*-B            91.9%

A*-C            97.7%


Additional statistics:


  • 100% of students achieved at least 5 GCSEs with A* – C in English & Maths.
  • 100% of students achieved at least 5 GCSEs with A* – C in any subject.
  • 8 girls gained a ‘clean sweep’ of 10 A*.
  • 28 girls (31%) gained all A*/A grades.
  • 23 (25.8%) of students gained at least 8 A* and A grades.


Head, Gwen Byrom, said: “Loughborough High School girls can, and should, feel very proud of all they have achieved in their GCSE exams.


“I am delighted that they have once again gained outstanding results which will allow them to go onto the next stage of their education confident that they are equipped to cope with the challenges ahead. Well done to all our girls, and to the dedicated staff and parents who have supported them!”

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GCSE Students entered: 25

Percentage A* – A / 9 – 7            22%

Percentage A* – B / 9 – 5            46%

Percentage A* – C / 9 – 4             82%


Our Lady’s Convent School is very pleased with the GCSE results for 2017. They demonstrate the hard work of the pupils and the excellentsupport they have received from their teachers during a period of great change in the examinations system. 22% of grades were A*-A/9-7, 46% were A*-B/9-5.5, and 82% were A*-C/9-4.


Headteacher, Dr Julian Murphy, said, “At a time during which – quite rightly – GCSEs are becoming more rigorous and challenging, it is pleasing to see our students continuing to stretch themselves and achieve top grades. There is enormous potential in this year group and I am excited to see what they will be able to achieve as they move on to Sixth Form.”